Ziva: On the Eve on Winterfest

The big family gathering was all Ziva could think of as they decorated the tree; the snow outside seemed to have other plans as Vicky took another call with her brother declining their invitation. She struggled to hide her disappointment as their family decided the blizzard conditions forecast were risky. Their coastal home welcomed strongContinue reading “Ziva: On the Eve on Winterfest”

Rylan: Yellow Snow and Doggy Gifts

Rylan smiled; Eliza munched a sugar cookie; his cocky attitude at knowing she would apologise was a hard swallow. She came because Emilie asked; another Winterfest of Rylan and her bickering, Charlotte crying, and Patrick doing some solo activity in his bedroom; Eliza needed to step down, accept her part in disrupting family life. HerContinue reading “Rylan: Yellow Snow and Doggy Gifts”

Charlotte: Dark, Twisty and Buried

“It’s a phase”; “You’ll grow out of it”; “Why can’t you be normal?”; to Charlotte, these were her parents saying conform to our expectations; Eliza refused, moved to another city to escape the oppression. It was Charlotte’s turn to explore her desires and her interest in the night. Rylan confiscated her book on vampire lore,Continue reading “Charlotte: Dark, Twisty and Buried”

Eliza: A Time To Heal

The apartment repairs failed to transpire; alongside her unwelcome houseguests, a rotten egg smell came from the floor vent. Nothing made Eliza feel as sick as the scene that greeted her at breakfast, a cockroach made it into her fridge and made themselves at home on her leftover spaghetti. She checked the shower, hoping noneContinue reading “Eliza: A Time To Heal”

Ziva: Remembrance Day

Every parent feels it; when their baby takes their first steps when stammered words develop into language, and the inevitable birthday.  Vicky dreaded the day Milly would leave, the first school day awaited her, the excitement at seeing the woman she would be, replaced with the fear in what world would await her. On theContinue reading “Ziva: Remembrance Day”

Emilie: Torn Apart

The name “Eliza”, forbidden, Rylan refused to back down or discuss making amends with their daughter. He had disowned her; exclaiming it was her who needed to grovel, seek forgiveness from the family until she did, he had done with her. Emilie sobbed; the family she’d worked so hard to create, torn; the hostility withinContinue reading “Emilie: Torn Apart”

Rylan: Spooky Day

Spooky day was nothing special in the Rodriguez household which surprised Eliza since her parents loved mischief. Eliza knew the request was a rouse to bring reconciliation with her father, they had remained hostile since their argument, and neither was willing to submit to an apology. Patrick pushed past, arms ladened with pumpkins, a gruntedContinue reading “Rylan: Spooky Day”

Eliza: Fun in the City

It is infuriating; Eliza enjoyed bouncing e-mails, a conversation with her sister, a small gesture on a long road to reconnect with her and Rylan has put a stop. The last e-mail came through from Emilie explaining how Rylan believed Eliza had run from her family eager for alone time and so she should beContinue reading “Eliza: Fun in the City”

Eliza: Cockroach Dinner

Choices considered; Eliza picked an apartment that would work with her limited budget. Rent control meant undesirable apartments, the one she rented came with a host of unwelcome guests. Emilie offered to find another apartment, make regular payments to help cover the rent, but Eliza declined, determined to prove she could survive alone. She preferredContinue reading “Eliza: Cockroach Dinner”

Vicky: Stresses and Stains

Ziva’s new role, which she claims is as a consultant for the police, appears to fill her time. Vicky surveys the carnage of their home, Milly’s enthusiasm for all things, sticky fingers cover the walls and furnishing, the cats decorated with hair clips, bows, and Fiona has a glittery ribbon fastened to her tail whichContinue reading “Vicky: Stresses and Stains”