Charlotte: Season of The Vampire

When Caleb rested his hand on her stomach, he knew. Her insides twisted, the sound of those tiny heartbeats. The craving for pure blood, fresh from the host. In the confines of her physical prison, Charlotte gave birth to twin girls. Caleb cooed over his daughters, naming them Aurora and Autumn. He praised Charlotte and the strength she possessed. She resisted breaking free and laying waste to the humans nearby. She could not bear to look at them, their infant forms reminding her of the two she surrendered. They would be teenagers soon, embarking on their lives without her. Charlotte, instead, busied herself with Cornelius. She attempted to blot out the cries with his joyous giggles as she spun him around.

Lilith shared her concerns. Keeping Charlotte from the world was not testing her abilities as a vampire. The Ministry had stated there was something special in Charlotte. She would bring about a change. It was unclear if she would benefit the supernatural community or elevate their vampire house. Either way, the idea Charlotte may have a different path to Caleb, scared him. Over the years, he feared her love for him had waned. The desire to have a family with her remained a chain around her neck. The thirst for purer blood made her dangerous to the human world. Fear made him restrain her, have her focus on training, socialising within the House of Vlad and not rock the boat. Since the Ministry interfered, Vlad had bowed, something no one saw coming. Whatever the truth, Caleb remained in the dark.

Charlotte stepped from the taxi, taking a long, slow breath. Coffee, fish and chips, cigarette smoke, the aromas intoxicated her. The crisp cold air inflated her lungs clearing the cobwebs and stale atmosphere of home. She rushed to the fence, leaning over to feel the spray from the lake. It splashed defiant against its concrete barrier. Lilith grabbed her dress, worried she would fall in and ruin their night of partying. Charlotte pouted and giggled, linking arms with Lilith; they should not waste a moment.

Neon lights, a thumping bass with staccato synth and melodic vocals filled the club. The patrons took their place on the glass dancefloor, encouraged by alcohol-charged blood. Her skin hummed, the fine hairs on her arms raised, and her mouth salivated. Charlotte ran her tongue across her sharpened teeth. Her ear picked up the heartbeats, conversations and breathing, heavy, aroused. There was little difference in her hunting to those seeking a sexual encounter. The wonder for a vampire was bloodletting brought satisfaction on all levels.

Choosing her prey came with the same challenges facing the animal kingdom. In a herd, deer were inapproachable, and antlers were dangerous. Those wolves taking the direct approach are often impaled. Humans were, in equal measure, able to ostracise the vampire by closing ranks on their friends. For her, Charlotte wanted to pick off the weaker prey. Someone isolated from the main groups. A degree of attraction to the human would yield beneficial results. If Caleb feared her love was waning, he had not observed her food choice. A young man with dark brown hair and brooding eyes took tentative steps on the dancefloor.

Lilith, Charlotte and Caleb pose

Charlotte and Lilith pose

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