Milly: The Greener Shade

TW: Milly’s story contains Coercive Behaviour. Hunter insisted Milly quit her job after discovering she was carrying twins. He expressed concerns she would struggle to manage her condition. The chemicals used in art were too potent, in his opinion. Milly preferred the focus as painting was her passion. Things in her career were slow butContinue reading “Milly: The Greener Shade”

Milly: Jealousy

TW: Milly’s story contains Coercive Behaviour. The waistline expansion and her new look were the least of her worries. Milly locked the bathroom door running the shower as she peed onto the tiny white stick. A friend at work mentioned the changes in her body. Milly had irregular cycles, so it never occurred to herContinue reading “Milly: Jealousy”

Charlotte: Cracks

Blood shared and bound them as relatives, as siblings. Daciana held tears, her words bitter and cruel, as the boy ran to join their play. She stepped between him and Luliana. Cornelius, whose features were like their own, found himself rejected. Luliana gazed at the floor, open to friendship as she peered around her sister.Continue reading “Charlotte: Cracks”

Charlotte: Natural Instinct verses…

Part One Blood charged, and it changed. Hormones affected the vampire at levels unexperienced by humans. Fear-induced cortisol and adrenaline increased the strength and potency of their powers. Vlad preferred the hunt, tracking his prey as the animal kingdom intended. Natural selection by his hand. Rules agreed with the humans within the Ministry of MagicContinue reading “Charlotte: Natural Instinct verses…”

Patrick: The Waterfall

The girl complained, hot and sticky within their raincoats. Newcrest offered a different climate and four defined seasons. Rainforests remained consistent, with a warm environment for the tall evergreen trees. Ferns and colourful plants thriving in the wet, humid conditions presented. The ground was a blend of tall grasses, creeping vines and dirt. A windingContinue reading “Patrick: The Waterfall”

Patrick: Selvadorada

Selvadorada, a place surrounded by lush green rainforests. It held secrets within, of hidden ruins awaiting discovery. Leticia sold the girls on the adventures that awaited them in the jungle. Daciana giggled, a mean streak aimed at her sister’s naivety. She frightened Luliana with the notion the monkeys might kidnap her. They would creep andContinue reading “Patrick: Selvadorada”

Patrick: Family Life

Family life had a rhythm. It was chaotic in the mornings; the twins shovelled food into their mouths. After a mad search for homework, they flew through the door half dressed to catch the bus. The evenings were noisy but slower-paced. The girls moaned over homework. Leticia assisted, keeping a loving eye on Patrick asContinue reading “Patrick: Family Life”

Patrick: Into The Woods

Finding someone who could share his love of travel and his love for his daughters was a tall order. Women, Patrick, believed preferred one or the other. His experience extended to his mother, sisters and the few dates he had enjoyed. Leticia encompassed both. She adored the girls; they bonded through movies and playing withContinue reading “Patrick: Into The Woods”

Patrick: A Promise to my daughters

Part One Windenberg was a place Patrick had not visited. He planned to bring the twins, but he was unsure the historic town would capture their interest. He wondered if tales of monsters living in the waters would inspire Daciana. He could weave in stories of noble ladies to captivate Luliana. An uneasy feeling gnawed,Continue reading “Patrick: A Promise to my daughters”

Daciana & Luliana: Sisters

Daciana pits her wits against her sister, pondering the best combination of moves. She studies the pieces, frustrating Luliana. Both knew the loser would have to clean up their toys. Luliana preferred to flip a coin with an equal chance that Daciana would have to clean instead of her. Daciana took immense pleasure in outsmartingContinue reading “Daciana & Luliana: Sisters”