Charlotte: Natural Instinct verses…

Part One

Blood charged, and it changed. Hormones affected the vampire at levels unexperienced by humans. Fear-induced cortisol and adrenaline increased the strength and potency of their powers. Vlad preferred the hunt, tracking his prey as the animal kingdom intended. Natural selection by his hand. Rules agreed with the humans within the Ministry of Magic deterred this practice. Placing the choice in the hands of the humans went against the vampire’s natural instinct. Their enemy shared the same fate. Werewolves were closer to the earth. The beast within was overpowering, so humans hunted and killed. Vampires in human form aided this as the wolf bite was toxic to vampires. In their dark form, Vampires retained a sense of self. Capable of conscious control in either form, they survived the culling. It allowed them to prosper in a small group, under the house of Vlad.

Charlotte was not surprised to discover her choice of meal would bring out the sexual side of her nature. It had been this way since her rebirth. Her desire was insatiable, an appetite Caleb struggled to satisfy. The consequences of another night hunting with Lilith grew in her stomach. A sixth child. Although delighted to welcome a fourth vampire into their lives, Caleb worried. Lilith had forced open doors for Charlotte to explore her abilities. She remained faithful to Caleb despite the men she seduced in the hunt for her next meal, but it was a fine line. The men possessed characteristics she found attractive in Caleb. Maintaining control, reminding herself they were food grew harder. As with other vampires on the hunt, she was careful to use words which implied she planned to drink from them. Direct questions meant a fearful “No!” and word would spread, outing the vampire.

Charlotte rejected the knowledge of her future, unable to accept there was a role for her to play. The Ministry had other plans to entice her, including the offer of work. They enlisted few vampires, as many were looking to drink their colleagues. Blood from occults gave the Vampires temporary access to those powers. Keeping the dark ones at bay was in the Ministry’s best interests. A Vampire with knowledge of spells combined with the blood of a caster was dangerous and forbidden.

The years of training made Charlotte a formidable vampire. It was unusual for a turned vampire to be successful on their first hunt. Charlotte held influence over her victims, their emotions manipulated. She deluded men into believing love had settled in their arms. Charlotte elicited the sensation of a lifetime together. Caleb watched with jealous eyes at the illusion she had created. Charlotte brought the protective nature to the surface in these strangers. They would sate her hunger for blood, offering to sacrifice their lives. Some begged as the blood rushed into her mouth, to become her immortal lover. Caleb would appear, the power of speed made him invisible to the human eye and hearing to match. A meal should be with the understanding this is all they were. Confused, aroused and in pain, the meal would remain trapped in Charlotte’s vice grip. Her legs squeezed, her body trembled and Caleb would stare into their eyes as he drank her blood.

Vlad and Victim poses

Charlotte, Caleb and Victim pose

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