Charlotte: Enervated

There were cracks. The house fractured and creaked under the strain of their growing family. A bed should offer comfort with a thick quilt embroidered with silk. Satin sheets are pulled tight and scented with lavender to encourage sleep. The mattress would mould itself to the body and refuse to share the movement of anotherContinue reading “Charlotte: Enervated”

Charlotte: Fracturing

Winterfest cried upon its eve. A fine layer of white blonde hair adorned the blue-eyed boy. Charlotte felt the cold as the baby was born. His heartbeat had been the first she felt at peace listening to. The blood it pumped through their bodies gave her strength and warmth. The infant wriggled in the crib,Continue reading “Charlotte: Fracturing”

Daciana: Break Point

Patrick would give anything to swap places with Daciana. The pain in her body and the waves of fever were a lot for a child to cope with. He made the situation worse after Daciana overheard his harsh words with Charlotte. It was a conversation unmeant for young ears. Patrick believed Daciana’s condition was punishmentContinue reading “Daciana: Break Point”

Luliana: Picky

The focus on Daciana, her declining health, took valuable attention away from Luliana. She wanted to spend time with her parents, the four of them together. Instead, Patrick took Daciana to the hospital for tests, without results. Luliana kept Leticia company, fussing over the details and the best part, what they would wear. Luliana wouldContinue reading “Luliana: Picky”

Milly: The Greener Shade

TW: Milly’s story contains Coercive Behaviour. Hunter insisted Milly quit her job after discovering she was carrying twins. He expressed concerns she would struggle to manage her condition. The chemicals used in art were too potent, in his opinion. Milly preferred the focus as painting was her passion. Things in her career were slow butContinue reading “Milly: The Greener Shade”

Milly: Jealousy

TW: Milly’s story contains Coercive Behaviour. The waistline expansion and her new look were the least of her worries. Milly locked the bathroom door running the shower as she peed onto the tiny white stick. A friend at work mentioned the changes in her body. Milly had irregular cycles, so it never occurred to herContinue reading “Milly: Jealousy”

Milly: His Kind of Beautiful

TW: Milly’s story contains Coercive Behaviour. Winter in the city brought beautiful blue skies and a dusting of snow. The air was crisp, a chilly breeze as Milly linked arms with Hunter, snuggling close for warmth. His presence in her life flourished as aspects of him appeared in her bedroom. The few days Hunter stayedContinue reading “Milly: His Kind of Beautiful”

Eliza: To Make A Home

When deciding on gifts for Winterfest, unique and thoughtful was a priority. Eliza wondered what would make the apartment feel like home. She needed Scarlett to walk in and own the space, act as like they had always lived there. Eliza worried they would be nervous relaxing on the sofa or deciding to add theirContinue reading “Eliza: To Make A Home”

Eliza: Where the Heart Belongs

The yoga mat had collected dust in the corner since Eliza moved in. Her good intentions somehow lost in the chaos of raising her cousin and falling in love with Scarlett. Eliza needed to make changes; her body felt battered and broken. Her career on the pitch was reaching its conclusion, and this stretch wasContinue reading “Eliza: Where the Heart Belongs”

Charlotte: Cracks

Blood shared and bound them as relatives, as siblings. Daciana held tears, her words bitter and cruel, as the boy ran to join their play. She stepped between him and Luliana. Cornelius, whose features were like their own, found himself rejected. Luliana gazed at the floor, open to friendship as she peered around her sister.Continue reading “Charlotte: Cracks”