Charlotte: Enervated

There were cracks. The house fractured and creaked under the strain of their growing family. A bed should offer comfort with a thick quilt embroidered with silk. Satin sheets are pulled tight and scented with lavender to encourage sleep. The mattress would mould itself to the body and refuse to share the movement of anotherContinue reading “Charlotte: Enervated”

Charlotte: Fracturing

Winterfest cried upon its eve. A fine layer of white blonde hair adorned the blue-eyed boy. Charlotte felt the cold as the baby was born. His heartbeat had been the first she felt at peace listening to. The blood it pumped through their bodies gave her strength and warmth. The infant wriggled in the crib,Continue reading “Charlotte: Fracturing”

Daciana: Break Point

Patrick would give anything to swap places with Daciana. The pain in her body and the waves of fever were a lot for a child to cope with. He made the situation worse after Daciana overheard his harsh words with Charlotte. It was a conversation unmeant for young ears. Patrick believed Daciana’s condition was punishmentContinue reading “Daciana: Break Point”

Luliana: Picky

The focus on Daciana, her declining health, took valuable attention away from Luliana. She wanted to spend time with her parents, the four of them together. Instead, Patrick took Daciana to the hospital for tests, without results. Luliana kept Leticia company, fussing over the details and the best part, what they would wear. Luliana wouldContinue reading “Luliana: Picky”

Milly: Jealousy

TW: Milly’s story contains Coercive Behaviour. The waistline expansion and her new look were the least of her worries. Milly locked the bathroom door running the shower as she peed onto the tiny white stick. A friend at work mentioned the changes in her body. Milly had irregular cycles, so it never occurred to herContinue reading “Milly: Jealousy”

Charlotte: Natural Instinct verses…

Part One Blood charged, and it changed. Hormones affected the vampire at levels unexperienced by humans. Fear-induced cortisol and adrenaline increased the strength and potency of their powers. Vlad preferred the hunt, tracking his prey as the animal kingdom intended. Natural selection by his hand. Rules agreed with the humans within the Ministry of MagicContinue reading “Charlotte: Natural Instinct verses…”

Charlotte: Blood Dawn

Charlotte took the shy approach. Her fingers ruffled her blonde hair. Eyes down, she stumbled into him, pretending destiny intended them to meet. Her smile and drooped gaze reeled him in. The man continued holding her arm and waist from where he caught her. Charlotte used this to pull herself closer. The man did notContinue reading “Charlotte: Blood Dawn”

Charlotte: Season of The Vampire

When Caleb rested his hand on her stomach, he knew. Her insides twisted, the sound of those tiny heartbeats. The craving for pure blood, fresh from the host. In the confines of her physical prison, Charlotte gave birth to twin girls. Caleb cooed over his daughters, naming them Aurora and Autumn. He praised Charlotte andContinue reading “Charlotte: Season of The Vampire”

Patrick: The Waterfall

The girl complained, hot and sticky within their raincoats. Newcrest offered a different climate and four defined seasons. Rainforests remained consistent, with a warm environment for the tall evergreen trees. Ferns and colourful plants thriving in the wet, humid conditions presented. The ground was a blend of tall grasses, creeping vines and dirt. A windingContinue reading “Patrick: The Waterfall”

Patrick: Selvadorada

Selvadorada, a place surrounded by lush green rainforests. It held secrets within, of hidden ruins awaiting discovery. Leticia sold the girls on the adventures that awaited them in the jungle. Daciana giggled, a mean streak aimed at her sister’s naivety. She frightened Luliana with the notion the monkeys might kidnap her. They would creep andContinue reading “Patrick: Selvadorada”