Charlotte: Popular, Yet Alone

Patrick slammed his bedroom door; Charlotte pulled her head back to avoid the hit, she asked if he wanted to play the monster, but his mood remained icy. Rylan told them to disown Eliza; if she was so inclined to avoid them, he believed they should give her the distance she desired, complete isolation. TheContinue reading “Charlotte: Popular, Yet Alone”

Eliza: Not so Rosy

Part Two Rylan wanted to discuss inside; her stubbornness matched him as they continued staring, the cold, stale smell of the hall adding to the discomfort. Eliza broke the silence, reiterating she would be remaining in the city, finishing High School and in a place she felt was home. He seethed, words growled within him,Continue reading “Eliza: Not so Rosy”

Eliza: Not so Rosy

Part One Freedom had its price; learning to manage her finances, school work, and neighbours was a balancing act; despite planning her escape, Eliza came unprepared for life in the city. The noise seemed louder; for retired people, they knew how to party, her request to turn the music down, met with rude comments andContinue reading “Eliza: Not so Rosy”

Emilie: My Daughter

Ziva needed discretion; accepting the role meant a limit to sharing information; she held the phone, fingers poised. Eliza had disappeared for a reason; Ziva wondered if Eliza was ready? This call would force her from hiding, to confront the parents and why she choose to leave. If Ziva had declined the job, she couldContinue reading “Emilie: My Daughter”

Eliza: Breakfree

Eliza breathed the cold night air; essentials packed, money she withdrew through the months of planning hidden in various pockets. She walked quick, Sparky barking in the house; Eliza wished he would be quiet; the noise forced her to move quicker as she saw the bedroom light. The cinema was open, a late-night showing ofContinue reading “Eliza: Breakfree”

Ziva: Beautiful Baby, Overshadowed by Woe

It had been a difficult situation, workmen trampled through the house, scaring the cats, waking Milly and leaving muddy boot prints for Vicky to clean. Ziva reassured her the place would be beautiful and perfect, the ideal space to raise their daughter. The opportunity to stay with Emile, from this perspective, was a welcome change;Continue reading “Ziva: Beautiful Baby, Overshadowed by Woe”

Emilie: “No News is Good News”, Right?

A sudden weather change had everyone on edge; Charlotte coped, managing her time and emotions by copying her sister’s pattern. She hoped the routine Eliza kept would share its clues, and Charlotte would find her. The mission, documented in a journal, failed to share its secrets. Emilie wondered if the young detective was on toContinue reading “Emilie: “No News is Good News”, Right?”

Emilie: Empty Leads

Sparky tugged the lead, he sniffed the air, plants trees, Emilie wondered if they were clues or for the pleasure of being a dog, either way, he looked to have fun with their outings. Emilie glanced, the neighbourhood occupied itself, mundane and forgetful of the missing. She hoped, to see raven-hair bouncing towards her, orContinue reading “Emilie: Empty Leads”

Rylan: Gone

The family slept, Sparky barked, howled, pawing the door, Rylan groaned, padding downstairs annoyed at the late hour, assuming it was a toilet emergency, Rylan opened the door. Sparky sniffed, darting towards the road, Rylan hollered, but Sparky disappeared. Emilie had checked the children, Patrick slept obvious to the chaos, and Charlotte cried, frightened sheContinue reading “Rylan: Gone”

Ziva: Milly Cavanagh-Grace

Getting pregnant had been a breeze; it came as a surprise, despite the awkwardness Vicky succeeded on the first attempt; destiny smiled in favour of the couple, at least Ziva believed this. The months that followed were difficult; Vicky suffered, first and second trimester brought nausea, several days of stomach upsets and irritation with everythingContinue reading “Ziva: Milly Cavanagh-Grace”