Eliza: To Make A Home

When deciding on gifts for Winterfest, unique and thoughtful was a priority. Eliza wondered what would make the apartment feel like home. She needed Scarlett to walk in and own the space, act as like they had always lived there. Eliza worried they would be nervous relaxing on the sofa or deciding to add their clutter. The wardrobe had, over the years, become a storage cupboard. Eliza found herself hoarding bizarre mementoes; her father’s pen, which had never worked, to clothes she wore when arriving in San Myshuno. The transformation of self had not included decluttering. Eliza filled several bags of unworn clothes for the community centre. Scarlett had a few things in the bedroom, with the rest boxed up in Milly’s art room. The present itself, Scarlett had inspired Eliza with her comment on family. So, Eliza called the animal adoption centre to check their availability.

Scarlett tried her key in the door, but its lack of action added to the frustration already dealt with that day; stress levels are elevated, with the lunchtime rush bringing in an unexpected party. The kitchen was overwhelmed with orders and made mistakes. Errors that came at a high cost to the restaurant’s reputation. Damage limitation was not helped by the new waiter dropping one in every four orders they took out. The remaining staff worked quickly, bringing in orders. Where they went wrong was forgetting, once prepared, needed delivering to the customer. Complaints were giving the head chef and host a headache.

She opened the door to find Eliza holding a black kitten, Dakota. He was perfect, from the tip of his black button nose to the end of his long satin tail. Eliza handed him over. Dakota was her gift to Scarlett, to make them a complete family. Scarlett felt the tension melt from her body. The furry stress reliever purred and pawed at her jacket. They had never received a gift like this, at least not since their parents were alive. Eliza kissed Scarlett, giving Dakota a head scratch. The three of them were what made this apartment home.

A new pet was part of a grand gesture Eliza wanted to make. In the corner, she placed the tree and a box of decorations. Milly and Hunter were in the kitchen preparing snacks. Eliza put Scarlett in charge of choosing the music. Milly and Eliza had struggled to reclaim Winterfest since losing their parents. It was a pain their partners related, as both suffered this loss at a young age. This year, Eliza wanted to begin life renewed. A boundless optimism that would see them all have wonderful memories.

Scarlett pose https://katverse.com/2020/12/17/alone-on-christmas-pose-pack/

With the kitten pose https://ts4-poses.tumblr.com/post/190520853554/pose-say-hello-to-kitty

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