Charlotte: …Natural Instincts?

Part Two

The tale of “With Great Power…” was one every occult understood, none more so than vampires. Levelling up their abilities in one direction creates a weakness in another. Vlad embraced the connection to the darkness. His thinned skin removed all immunity to the sun’s blistering rays. As a master vampire, he surrendered his humanity, the option he could one day hear the sound of his heartbeat. Charlotte closed the book. Beneath a picture of the vampires and humans at war was an annotation. Spellcasters, with their knowledge of the dark arts, blended a cocktail. This lethal creation would neutralise the vampire and make them mortal. To a master, it would kill them. It explained why Vlad was the single house presiding over those remaining vampires. Cornelius and his siblings would have to ingest the potion. This, the book proposed, was best taken during puberty to prevent the final change. Caleb would never allow this choice. As purebloods, the damage to their systems may not be immediate. She buried the stolen book behind the wardrobe, with a mental note to return it to the Ministry.

Charlotte wanted a degree of control over her future. The path destined would be years in the making. She knew the Grim Reaper would hold some sway, and there were links to the old magics. The latter concerned the Ministry elders. Charlotte wondered if they wanted to persuade her to uphold their values. If she did would this prevent the coming change? None of that mattered to her, at least in the short term. She stepped from the house into another world. Her role as an agent, a spy within sim nation allowed her to combine her hunting with an exploration of her powers. As a former human, garlic had no effect, and her stomach could tolerate small amounts of food. It made it easier to slip into human society unnoticed. She gathered intel on military, interagency plans and political influencers. Her skin maintained a degree of immunity to the sun. Another perk of her human life, although she faired better on overcast days.

The pregnant stomach was hard to disguise, as her appetite for blood also grew. Charlotte used the bump in her role, and for short moments she did not resent the growth. A strong thumping pulse seemed soothing as she lay with her eyes closed. Cornelius spent his days in school. Excited to come home with arms full of materials to build space rockets or paper mache castles. Escaping the house for another mission, Charlotte missed completed projects. She longed for the stories of his day and the time they had together.

Away from the house, she failed to be absolved of her guilt. It tore her piece by piece. Charlotte could never be the mother her children deserved. Why was she cursed with so many? The presence of Aurora and Autumn served as a punishment as Charlotte struggled to stay in the same room. In her disconnect, Charlotte used cruel words to describe herself. Without a reflection all torments and attacks on her inability to love, internalised. The baby would squirm inside, forcing her to stop but not deter the negativity she contained. She questioned Caleb. How can he say he loves her when she can no longer be sure of her feelings?

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