The Sims Franchise has given us the ability to explore life from a unique and fantastical perspective. We are the gods of this world shaping the lives of those we create. Most of these are stories with which we are familiar, perhaps they are an echo of our own lives, or the fantasy we have of marrying our crush, being famous or the house in which we want to live. The immersive world I want to explore with you began almost a year ago. After playing The Sims for 20 years without any particular focus, I found myself struggling to deal with a very personal loss. A way to lose myself and deal with this was to put pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard!

Writing in various formats from poetry to music had always been my ‘safe place’. I was inspired by my good friend Pam, to whom this story is dedicated, and by YouTuber Clare Siobhan to create a world, documenting the life and descendants of Aria Grace, where the family is at the heart of everything.

The stories I illustrate are not based on any person living or dead. Although much of the material is suited to young adults as the focus is on family dynamics, more adult themes are addressed as the story progresses.

Many of the images use Sims downloaded from The Sims 4 Gallery. I do not have a concise list of these, but a huge thank you to all creators; I will try to include these and other links.

So now in the words of The Criminologist, “I would like, if you may, take you on a strange journey” (The Rocky Horror Show: 1975, Richard O’Brien)


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