Eliza: Where the Heart Belongs

The yoga mat had collected dust in the corner since Eliza moved in. Her good intentions somehow lost in the chaos of raising her cousin and falling in love with Scarlett. Eliza needed to make changes; her body felt battered and broken. Her career on the pitch was reaching its conclusion, and this stretch was a step into a new chapter. Another aspect of change was to use her fame as a star player to raise awareness in the city. A new gym and spa opened in the Uptown district. Eliza proposed a charity walk, promoting the health benefits of exercise. She encouraged residents to take up opportunities to ditch their cars and explore the city. The money raised would pay for those in the poorer areas to have access to brand-new facilities. Other voluntary opportunities were already in the pipeline. A food drive for the homeless and delivering exercise classes for the elderly. The latter, Eliza seemed to spend her time debating the best choice of music or playing cards.

The evening ahead would be something special. Milly and Hunter seemed enamoured by each other. Despite reservations, Eliza accepted it was her choice. Scarlett suggested dinner at the Caribbean Red, a double date and a chance to know each other better. Milly was giddy at the idea as she hoped to discuss Hunter’s plans to buy a house. They were together every day. Hunter insisted they enjoyed breakfast each morning. He would appear at their door with a huge smile, wrapping himself around Milly like a scarf, kissing her. The kisses could make a courtesan blush, and the placement of his hands, unnecessary when in company. Milly would sit silent, cheeks flushed. Hunter permitted her child-size portion, which left her hungry. Not that she would complain, as Eliza would sneak a protein bar in her bag for later. Eliza tried to imagine how he would be if given twenty-four-hour access to her cousin.

They sat inside, close to the open kitchen. Scarlett, their chef’s eye monitoring and Hunter deciding what Milly would enjoy. Eliza breathed slow and deep, reminding herself to bite her tongue until with Milly alone. She decided to broach the subject of moving. Hunter draped his arm around Milly, squeezing her. She leaned against him, an uncomfortable angle on the chair. There were several houses he was contemplating for the future. The city was great for couples or singles starting life, but he wanted room outside to raise a family. Eliza choked on her wine. His brow furrowed, annoyed. Why should it surprise anyone this was his intention? As he was older, it made sense to enjoy their opportunities. Hunter wanted to see his children grow. If they waited, he might miss out, the way Milly’s parents had. A thumb and finger pinched Milly’s chin, lifting her glossy, saddened gaze to him. In a gentle voice, he whispered how he wanted their life to be full of family. Scarlett agreed this sounded wonderful, squeezing Eliza’s hand beneath the table. They were unsure Eliza and Milly were ready to live their separate lives, and perhaps a trial run was in order. Hunter raised an eyebrow; it was an acceptable idea. A key to the apartment so he and Milly could put their relationship to the test.

After dinner, Eliza stopped Scarlett at the apartment door. She was not angry at the suggestion Hunter had a key. It was a relief that Hunter thought it was a good idea. What worried Eliza surrounded his presence in Milly’s life. They lingered at the door with something else in mind. Eliza did not want to say Goodnight at the door or come home to find an empty bed. The long speech Eliza carefully prepared interrupted with a kiss. Scarlett needed this too. They could make the necessary arrangements within days. For them, home would be wherever Eliza slept.

Poses by https://www.patreon.com/posts/tv-coffee-and-56352319

The restaurant can be found on the Sims 4 Gallery, search Caribbean Red

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