Charlotte: Blood Dawn

Charlotte took the shy approach. Her fingers ruffled her blonde hair. Eyes down, she stumbled into him, pretending destiny intended them to meet. Her smile and drooped gaze reeled him in. The man continued holding her arm and waist from where he caught her. Charlotte used this to pull herself closer. The man did not notice her cold skin, his surprise linked to her beauty and petite frame. A question as to why him. The blue of her eyes shimmered like the lake waters beneath the street lights. His gaze remained lost in there, pupils dilated.

Charlotte ran her fingers over his chest, lingering on his heart. They drummed the rhythm, strong, a steady gallop. The world slowed as they swayed to the music. His moves were rigid. A tremor in his voice as he attempted small talk over the thundering bass. Charlotte tightened his grip around her waist. Her hands drifted, tangling them in his hair, bringing their faces closer. Words unspoken as Charlotte hovered her lips over his, warmed by his breath. Her body pressed flush against him, promised kisses spread across his throat to his ear.

Charlotte turned her face away, her lips belonged to another. Instead, she ran an index finger along her throat where he placed feathered kisses. Hands grew in confidence, taking both breast and ass, a gentle pulsing of his hips. Charlotte wriggled, needing to remain in control of her meal. Running his hands down her sides Charlotte turned, her sights set on a secluded area. There he would deliver what she needed. The man nodded, excited by the public display and other couples making out.

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he sat, shuffling to find comfort in the restraints of his trousers. Charlotte hitched her shorts, exposing her thighs. He never noticed the sharpness of her canines as she straddled him. Charlotte grinded against his firmness, allowing his hands to guide the rhythm. Her forehead pressed against his, listening to the rapid breathing. In a flash of searing pain, the man’s strangled scream drowned in the music. He fought against the attack, but Charlotte remained rigid, a heavyweight fixing him. She drank deep, hungry, heated hormone-filled blood. Charlotte threw her head back, her body shivering and hips driving her pleasure. The man’s arms fell by his side, unconscious. Lilith appeared, plastering the wound and lifting up the jacket collar.

A different hungry was taking control, and she wanted Caleb. No one could touch her the way he did. The man slumped on the sofa was nothing. He was dinner, but his desire entered her blood and made her crave attention. The distance from Windenberg to Forgotten Hollow increased her restlessness. She would have only a few hours of darkness, less if the twins were crying. Charlotte pinned Caleb against the wall, biting his lip. He moved his lips to her neck. She smelled sweet and floral. His canines grazed her neck before sinking. Caleb threw her back against the door, tearing her clothes. The wood groaned against the pressure, floor boards creaking. Caleb inhaled the scent, growling. The musk of another man aroused him, Caleb had enjoyed many in his life. On her, it in sighted his jealous and possessive nature. Had she not needed to devour him, Caleb may have sought to take the strangers life. Upstairs the babies stirred, but their cries would remain unanswered until dawn.

Charlotte and her dinner picture 1

Charlotte and her dinner picture 2

Charlotte and Caleb

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