Charlotte: Baby Blues

Patrick blamed himself. Emilie had made him responsible for Charlotte in the event of her death. He had suspicions and reservations about her dating an older man. Caleb had seemed pleasant and respectful, but he abandoned Charlotte as the pregnancy progressed. Patrick watched as his baby sister, a week shy of her eighteenth birthday, gaveContinue reading “Charlotte: Baby Blues”

Charlotte: Babies Vatore-Grace

Charlotte settled in Milly’s room, the single bed emphasising the loneliness she felt. She refused to see Eliza and Patrick, fearing judgement. Vicky offered reassurances, leaving a small suitcase in the room. Charlotte’s refusal to speak meant they left without answers. Her mind raced; they would fail to understand the truth, the weight of secrecyContinue reading “Charlotte: Babies Vatore-Grace”

Charlotte: The Lonely Road

Keeping secrets came easy to Charlotte, Caleb, and her pregnancy. Despite her petite frame, she did not look pregnant, so her brother remained none the wiser. Patrick acknowledged her increased appetite, teasing her over the weight gain. He leaned back in the chair, patting his stomach, accepting he was soft in the middle. Unlike hisContinue reading “Charlotte: The Lonely Road”

Charlotte: …Forever?

Caleb’s cold skin pressed to her absorbing its warmth, heart rapid at his touch. His teeth lengthened, sinking into flesh. Blood as it trickled along her collarbone, dripped down to her breasts. This pleasure, his desire, made her defenceless, and Charlotte wanted him to devour her. She pulled the duvet tighter around her, body twistedContinue reading “Charlotte: …Forever?”

Charlotte: Now and…

The outside consisted of a pool, hot tub and a patio area. To the rear of both houses, nature had reclaimed the unused space. Inspired by his recent trip to Granite Falls, Patrick made way for his vision. Patrick ripped the weeds from their stronghold, clearing rubble and broken tombstones. A metal frame supported aContinue reading “Charlotte: Now and…”

Charlotte: Unanswered Loneliness

The frustration built; Caleb had been busy leaving Charlotte going crazy talking to Sparky. He tilted his head, the tongue peaked, and the doe eyes were of no comfort as she believed Caleb was avoiding her questions. Caleb possessed the life she craved, love and passion with eternal youth and beauty; a thirst for bloodContinue reading “Charlotte: Unanswered Loneliness”

Charlotte: The Talk

Part Two Caleb believed they should wait; take their time; someone so young should treasure their virtue; ensure the person they surrendered it to was worth every moment. Everything she desired was sitting on her bed, a soul that believed in remaining chaste and chivalrous, encouraging her to hold on for someone or something better.Continue reading “Charlotte: The Talk”

Charlotte: “The Talk”

Part One Charlotte knew, zero doubts in her mind that she had, at the tender age of sixteen, met the man, her eternal partner. Heartbeat rapid, cheeks glowed, a text from him made her float, the joy she spread infected the house. Emilie mused; Charlotte proclaimed to love a man she had met twice. HeContinue reading “Charlotte: “The Talk””

Charlotte: Crush

Despite Eliza’s many visits in the weeks following their father’s death, presents remained unopened; the decorations hung solemn, a stark reminder of Winterfest. Emilie retreated, grieved in solitude; Charlotte made an unkind remark, Rylan was neither husband nor father, he was a man whose time belonged to himself. Her mother, tired of arguments, kept distancingContinue reading “Charlotte: Crush”

Charlotte: Dark, Twisty and Buried

“It’s a phase”; “You’ll grow out of it”; “Why can’t you be normal?”; to Charlotte, these were her parents saying conform to our expectations; Eliza refused, moved to another city to escape the oppression. It was Charlotte’s turn to explore her desires and her interest in the night. Rylan confiscated her book on vampire lore,Continue reading “Charlotte: Dark, Twisty and Buried”