Charlotte: Fracturing

Winterfest cried upon its eve. A fine layer of white blonde hair adorned the blue-eyed boy. Charlotte felt the cold as the baby was born. His heartbeat had been the first she felt at peace listening to. The blood it pumped through their bodies gave her strength and warmth. The infant wriggled in the crib, yearning for comfort, but she watched, unable to touch him. Damien. It was the name she dreamed of the nights before his birth. There was something different about him, not unique or prophecy special. Damien connected to her inside the womb. She had not rejected him from the start like her others. Charlotte feared losing what she experienced in their time together. It would be a fake memory, a lie to tell herself each dawn. She would learn to forget ever loving the boy inside. Believing he had shared his emotions as he shared his heart.

The disconnect expanded to her human family. An agreement made with Patrick to stay out of the twin’s life hit her hard. He held her accountable for Daciana’s health. He had been dishonest regarding the numerous hospital trips and tests. Patrick claimed it was none of her concern. He refused permission to allow the Vampire elders to consult, even for peace of mind. Caleb thought it would have assured Patrick it was nothing more than human aliment. Documents showed they were Patrick’s daughters and he needed them not. Charlotte and Caleb surrendered their right to care. It was not those words per se. Patrick accused her of pretending, a weird guilt for walking out on them to spawn vampires. As children, they had bickered, but she had never seen Patrick so angry. Vampires had created children with humans for centuries. Caleb had never heard of one becoming sick. That was another thing. Bitterness dripped from Patrick as he called them undead. Vampires were a work of fiction. A bedtime story Charlotte used to tell him. Caleb accepted Patrick wanting to shun them, which was for the best. How could it be? Charlotte could not shake the bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

She perched on Aurora’s bed, moving a stray hair from the infant’s face. Her chilled hand smoothed the warm pink cheek and pulled the covers beneath the chin. Charlotte wanted to love her children. To feel excited by the little achievements they gained each day. She looked over at Caleb, who spent hours watching his children sleep. Charlotte would need to bring his plasma packs so he would not forget to drink. There were stories of vampire parents drinking from their young. Although most were human, fear deterred vampires. Prevent them from remaining too long in the human world.

There would be no more children. Charlotte searched Caleb’s face for panic, fear or alarm, but he remained neutral. She knew he wanted a large brood. The four children had come in a short space of time. From what she understood, this series of pregnancies was unusual. It had raised red flags with the elders. Caleb stroked her face. In her distant speech, she had not noticed the approach. Caleb needed to accept she would never be a good mother. Charlotte cut him off amid his objections. She struggled to feed Damien, and Cornelius preferred to spend time with his father. As for the twins, they were a reminder she abandoned her humanity. All children, human and vampire, deserved a mother who loved them. Charlotte was no longer interested in being what they needed. She broke free of his grasp, sickened by herself and his love for her.

If you are affected by Charlotte’s story, you can reach out for help using any of the links associated with her story so far.

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