Charlotte: Cornelius Vatore-Grace

Charlotte knew meeting her siblings would be problematic. She never expected open arms, but her brother’s hostility surprised her. The years had failed to soften the heartache caused by her disappearance. Patrick spoke warm and loving in his affection for the girls. He offered the family life Charlotte was unable. She was grateful, but the anger inside her raged as his words cut. A noose of guilt tightened as Patrick wanted to protect the girls, keep them away from Charlotte. How could she make amends when her siblings were against her? The fear in Eliza’s eyes made Charlotte believe herself a monster. Caleb had warned such meetings would bring heartbreak and disappointment. He refused to support her desire to reach out to those she left behind. It brought a coolness to their relationship. Her family should be unaware of her existence as a vampire, but Charlotte wanted to apologise.

Caleb and Charlotte

Leaving her babies with Patrick seemed appropriate. A way to protect them from the life she wanted. Charlotte struggled to admit her feelings for her daughters were not those of love. It had been overwhelming. Charlotte buried herself in Caleb’s arms, demanding the death he offered. The plan worked; her focus on mastering her talents kept her from feeling the darkness. This escape was temporary as Intense waves of sorrow began in the weeks before Eliza found her. Charlotte could feel it squirming, drawing on her strength. A bitter resentment festered as the tiny heartbeat echoed. When Eliza arrived, Charlotte, having kept the secret from Caleb, needed fresh blood. The verbal attack from her sister was unbearable. Charlotte wanted to tell Eliza she was pregnant, but the rage took over. She could feel her baby, hear Eliza’s racing heart, and Charlotte took what she desired.

Concerned and fearing the wrath of Vlad, Caleb locked her in the basement. When Vlad uncovered the truth of Charlotte’s transformation, he attacked Caleb. They had lied, denied the existence of the twins and how Caleb came to drain Charlotte. Vlad resented the position, fooled by members of his house. He pinned Caleb to the ground, the protégé squirmed in a feeble effort to escape. Vlad’s features were gaunt and harsh, his cold eyes warning of the consequences. The brutality of two human children denied their mother. The behaviour was impulsive, selfish and inconsiderate. The punishment for this crime was imprisonment, akin to his zombies, or death. The Ministry would demand retribution, and Vlad would lay the blame at Caleb’s feet. He wanted to bury them and Honda for this betrayal. The sages, magic’s most senior advisors, were against this. Vlad would not tolerate Charlotte’s actions regardless of her pregnancy. It seemed he feared what role Charlotte would play in the future, a vision not shared with her or Caleb. Her attack on Eliza would give Vlad reason to ignore the Ministry and take justice into his hands. Caleb knew his wife would face eternity, buried once the child was born.

Cornelius, Charlotte and Caleb

Caleb chained Charlotte to prevent her from breaking through the steel gates. This damp, candlelit cellar was the birthplace of their full-blood vampire, Cornelius. The baby screamed for his mother, who cowered in the corner sobbing. She rejected the child, leaving Caleb to comfort the infant. When alone, Charlotte forced herself to watch Cornelius sleep. Chubby cheeks and a fine layer of blonde hair christened his head. At this moment, Charlotte tried to believe she loved him and would be his mother.

Charlotte and Caleb in picture 1

For Charlotte in picture 2

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