Milly: The Next Level

Milly’s phone buzzed with Hunter’s messages. He would call over before work, inviting her for coffee and pastries. She would pick at the flaky textures, listening to him. Hunter worked at Newcrest bowling alley maintaining the machines. This was temporary until Sim Nation woke up to his musical and comedic talent. His main reason for working there was as captain of the reigning team, “Split Happens”. The butterflies in her stomach when she was close to him made it hard to eat. He had a firm disappointed tone at the mess created. But how could she eat? They had not kissed since the sofa, and she could not think of anything else. Milly would watch how his lips moved, craving their touch. She needed those arms around her and was too afraid to ask. Everything became jumbled in her mind and she was too distracted for work.

For Eliza, her career reached its pinnacle. As an all-star player, she had seen her team through to the semi-finals of the Sim Nation Cup. A win against Del Sol Valley at the weekend would put them in the final. That, win or lose, would be the perfect end to her sporting career. Her focus, in recent years, changed to settling down and raising a family with Scarlett. They were not at that stage. Eliza was building the courage to take their relationship to co-habiting status. Scarlett spent their time in the apartment, sleeping over for days. Their stuff appeared in the bathroom, and in Eliza’s bedroom, they had a drawer. Milly and Eliza were passing ships, neither spending more than five minutes together.

Hunter swung by her work on the Saturday lunch. He confiscated her plain cheese sandwich and tossed it in the bin. Instead, he laid out Samosa he brought in the Spice District. Her colleagues looked over, jealous of the triangular pastries. The spicy aromatic smell, the crack as she bit into one. It was the perfect blend of vegetables and potatoes. Hunter leaned back in the chair, watching her devour all three. Her supervisor summoned her; Hunter stepped into Milly’s path, kissing her cheek. A trail of them led to her lips. The supervisor cleared their throat as Milly looped her arms around Hunter. She was happy to annoy anyone if she got her second kiss.

The same evening Hunter arrived as promised. Their first official date required a train ride to Brindleton Bay. Milly had not seen her hometown since her mother died, and nothing appeared to have changed. Hunter watched Milly recount memories. The art gallery had the same display Vicky had shown her years before. Other people gathered, asking their questions under the assumption she worked there. Milly felt obliged to answer, but Hunter stepped in, dismissing them. He held her hand as she remained quiet at his side.

At the door, Hunter’s kisses were different. His tongue pushed her lips apart and caressed hers. In a surprise, Milly stepped back, pressing herself against the wall. He had years of experience, relationships he mentioned in passing. Everything she knew of romance came from books, magazines, and the people around her. Hunter kissed her hand, knowing what he wanted, the future he saw for them. He closed the gap, taking the apartment keys. Her hand trembled in his, the excitement building through her body. Milly hesitated at the giggling coming from Eliza’s bedroom. Part of her felt she should ask if Hunter could stay the night, but he had already made himself comfy on her bed.

Milly and Hunter pose

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