Ziva: Electric Blue

Work had been busy, Ziva and her colleague Ayaka struggled to find time for a coffee, piecing together the code for a security program; the deadline had encroached on their personal lives. As they finish the first system-level, Ayaka disappeared; her coffee from the morning sat cold on the desk, beneath it was a card.Continue reading “Ziva: Electric Blue”

Ziva: Treasured Memories and New Beginnings

The childhood house was light and airy, memories filled every room, she wanted a piece of this love with her, some furnishings to make her place feel like home. Rylan scowled, refusing to let her have anything; he wanted her to take only her own belongings and say goodbye. She wasn’t even asking him toContinue reading “Ziva: Treasured Memories and New Beginnings”

Aria: When It’s Your Time

Ziva’s head throbbed, memories of shots lined up on the bar churned her stomach, Sunday was a great day for a hangover, Aria cooked bacon. Showers were a welcome relief from a hangover, what was strange however, was the silence, it echoed in her mind, increasing the volume of each step she took. Chaos greetedContinue reading “Aria: When It’s Your Time”

Aria: Change is Coming

Aria cooked up a batch of her spicy chilli, Banoffee Pie and Cheese puff pastries, tonight she would resign as leader of Major Chords in style. The ultimate playlist reflecting her time as host, accompanied by her violin, would start the evening. Stepping down had been long overdue, Aria could no longer keep pace withContinue reading “Aria: Change is Coming”

Ziva: Chess Moves

Ziva looked at the quiet office, no-one throwing crumpled paper with silly jokes written on them, bringing her cold coffee or proclaiming how annoyed they were with the coding. Arian had been absent for a week. She tried to call, dozens of messages filled his machine but nothing since their double date. Miguel continued toContinue reading “Ziva: Chess Moves”

Ziva: All Work and No Play??

Hushed tones, everyone looked studious, keeping their heads down, avoiding eye contact; the CEO stepped from the lift and stared, impressed. Ziva glanced up as he walked through catching his eye. Smiling, Ziva was keen to show a positive and polite impression and greeted him warmly, asking if he enjoyed the tour. Conversation flowed asContinue reading “Ziva: All Work and No Play??”

Ziva: The Next Step

Aria imagined her retirement filled with romantic getaways, fine dining and hiking along the local trails. She and Jose planned a move, San Myshuno with its penthouse apartments, easy access to the theatres, but with him and her second love deceased, the future looked empty. The growing demands of her clients tired her, leaving herContinue reading “Ziva: The Next Step”

Aria and Rylan: Best Laid Plains

Aria and Braydon made their plans, the serenity offered in Granite Falls, a quaint lodge, fishing spot, romantic forestry walks, stargazing and cuddling near the campfire. Despite reservations, Aria agreed to the plans and the chaos the twins had in mind for their graduation and birthday that same weekend. The twins arrived home excited, discussingContinue reading “Aria and Rylan: Best Laid Plains”

Aria: A New Normal

Aria cried, Rylan was right, her mind was elsewhere, the impact her absence was having on her family. Wrapped in grief Aria focused on her career and friendships, everything except the children, their needs all but brushed aside. Her son was rude, arrogant and hurting, how could she get through to Rylan, he missed hisContinue reading “Aria: A New Normal”

Ziva: In the Quiet Corners she Remembers

The house is so quiet, Ziva closed the door, standing in the hallway, stairs to the right, opposite, the lounge and the kitchen door. At this point, Jose used to pop his head round to greet them pretending they had woken him up. His arms pulling them in tight, Rylan wriggling free-running upstairs, pausing halfwayContinue reading “Ziva: In the Quiet Corners she Remembers”