Ziva: Electric Blue

Work had been busy, Ziva and her colleague Ayaka struggled to find time for a coffee, piecing together the code for a security program; the deadline had encroached on their personal lives. As they finish the first system-level, Ayaka disappeared; her coffee from the morning sat cold on the desk, beneath it was a card. Her colleague had recently moved over from Oasis Spring a few months ago to assist with the project, the card was from her former team wishing her a happy birthday. A significant date, turning forty, Ziva guessed from the puffy cheeks and red eyes Ayaka had nothing planned, and no-one with whom to celebrate.

Ziva pondered what last-minute choices she could make, missing this occasion was unfair, Ayaka deserved something to mark the event. She sent e-mails to invite people to bring food, drinks or a small gift to her place in Brindleton Bay. Rylan greeted people, setting the various dishes on the kitchen counter for people to help themselves. Keeping Ayaka upstairs, hidden from the influx of visitors, Ziva distracted her by showing her the latest program she had been designing. Ayaka made her excuses, tears burst through, Ziva nodded, showing her the door, Rylan led a thunderous cheer, followed by birthday song and presentation of white chocolate cake complete with candles. Hugging Ziva tightly, Ayaka sobbed at the efforts, the party might have been small, but it was perfect.

Living for Friday night was becoming a habit, the move from her brother’s shadow had allowed Ziva to blossom, thriving on the growing social life and friendships she was making. Nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, Ziva found herself surrounded by people and fun, including the occasional rave in Windenberg on the Bluffs, a small island off the coast. Music, bright lights and a bar were ready for party-goers to prosper till the pre-dawn hours. An electric blue-haired woman had Ziva questioning herself and wondering about the possibilities of a new romance. It surprised her, at the same time feeling natural, as though she had known these emotions all her life. The young woman introduced herself as Elizabeth, dancing close to Ziva the whole night. Sparks of interest and desire filled her senses as she watched the beautiful Elizabeth move her body, both thrived on the music. Arian or Miguel failed to make her stomach twist into knots, Elizabeth did and had her stumbling through their conversation, tongue-twisting words she knew. They took a break, drinking Salty Llamas, Elizabeth tapped her number in Ziva’s phone, she and some friends were getting together, San Myshuno karaoke night. Singing was a laugh after a few simsmapolitans, her words accompanying a huge flirtatious smile.

Lying awake, Ziva pictured Elizabeth in her mind, her sweet perfume, the sapphire eyes made her weak at the knees. Arian had been the first person she adored, yet this woman piqued her interested in a way Ziva enjoyed so much. Having a boyfriend had felt logical, showing interest in Arian, flattered by Miguel, Ziva thought her heart would lead her to a tall dark-haired man. Elizabeth spun her world, the emotions were intense, visualising every moment of their evening together. Turning over to check the time, Ziva contemplated the possibilities of a relationship, the potential for the future, exciting.

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