Aria: Change is Coming

Aria cooked up a batch of her spicy chilli, Banoffee Pie and Cheese puff pastries, tonight she would resign as leader of Major Chords in style. The ultimate playlist reflecting her time as host, accompanied by her violin, would start the evening. Stepping down had been long overdue, Aria could no longer keep pace with the group’s enthusiasm, the late-night experiences, the loud noise DJs past off as music irritating her classical ear.

One problem with the plan, the Mischief Makers arrived and, like her son, they had huge appetites. She stared confused as they helped themselves to the buffet, Rylan hugged Aria, thanks for the food, they were staying? Checking the calendar Aria realised the mistake, tonight was his games night, one Saturday a month he took over the lounge and emptied the fridge, the noise from them echoed through the house, competitive cheers and bickering over cheat tactics. Aria forgot, caught up in the number of dates Rylan and Emilie went on, to remember he did stay home.

Aria forced to concede her mistake, moved her social gathering upstairs. The limited space offered in her bedroom and noise from the Mischief Makers made for an unpleasant final evening as host. Her friends were polite, perching on her bed discussing the finer details of classical music, made tinny by her computer speakers. She used to plan beautiful elegance and this evening had a teenage hangout feel, her friends making the most of her bed’s comfort. They ended their evening early, Aria led them through the trail of devastation, courtesy of Rylan and friends. Food and drink had spilt over into the hallway, Aria, embarrassed ushered her friend through the door with cake parcels to distract them. Rather than facing the kitchen, she headed to bed, hoping Rylan had cleaned up by morning.

Scraping silky black hair into a ponytail, Ziva observed her mothers calm exterior as she realised Rylan would be staying home, she was desperate to tell Aria the news, it seemed it would have to wait till morning. Arian wanted one last party, his new job started Monday, so this was it, the cafe was their first stop, with two bars and a club they would be up all night. Ziva struggled to contain her excitement, Arian pulled her aside, she had put a deposit on a coastal view property in Brindleton Bay, it needed some love, but it was all hers. He threw his arms in the air, pulling her into a bear hug, releasing her Arian turned, a toasting a double celebration, Ziva grabbed his arm, unable to late to stop him sharing her news. It was moments like this she would miss, Arian loved to wow the crowd, he could make anything into a newsworthy moment. Captivating the whole group with his style and flair. They both had exciting opportunities, Ziva felt sad that they would experience them on opposite sides of the country.

Miguel disappeared after the announcement, along with a few other’s, keen to savour the first pub. Arian eyed a second cake slice, nudging Ziva, she glances through the windows, leaning on the fence was Miguel. She stood close, the night air chilled her skin, folding her arms and clearing her throat, Miguel turned his lips a suppressed smile, her news was both welcome and disappointing, with Arian no longer in the picture he had hoped for an opportunity for him to sweep in. Ziva’s cheeks warmed, forcing her to look away, lifting her chin, Miguel planted a kiss on her cheek, and embraced her, while he appreciated his messages were forward, the feeling had been genuine. Long-distance relationships were hard, work, travel and missed social opportunities, Miguel believed they were unlikely to survive as a couple. He would settle for friendship, at least in the short term. Shaking her head a soft laugh broke the seriousness, flattered by his casual approach to relationships, Ziva herself had mixed feelings for both him and Arian. The pair uncoupled with Lee’s announcement he and Arian were on their way out, giving Ziva limited opportunity to share her response to Miguel’s proposal. Lee linked arms with her pulling her from seeing any possible hostility from Arian to Miguel. He leaned close, Miguel had commitment issues, its why they had one date, plus his attempts at flirting with her. Glancing over her shoulder, Miguel and Arian walked silent, distanced and heads down.

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