Ziva: Treasured Memories and New Beginnings

The childhood house was light and airy, memories filled every room, she wanted a piece of this love with her, some furnishings to make her place feel like home. Rylan scowled, refusing to let her have anything; he wanted her to take only her own belongings and say goodbye. She wasn’t even asking him to sell the house, he was determined to live there, and it was her choice to move on. Rylan chose selfishness, leaving Ziva feeling it was she who had abandoned him. In anger he slammed the door as she put her final bag in the taxi, she took one last look at what was her home and saw her brothers’ angry face red, glaring at her through the window.

Ziva looked over her new home, the sparsely furnished rooms, the galley kitchen which had little room to swing a cat and a threadbare second-hand sofa which sat looking very lonely in the large living area. Every home takes time to build, but the tiny windows did nothing to improve her environment. Brindleton Bay weather was unpredictable, sunny, rainy, coastal gales that made the house groan with eerie noises in the night. The rain was her biggest problem, a leaky roof soaked her belongings, the few momentoes Rylan let her bring, paintings by Jose ruined from one storm and photos of her mother stuck together. She sank onto the front steps throwing items she failed to salvage into black bags; wondering if the sadness ever ended.

Her neighbours were kind, surprising her, dressed in her nightshirt, Jason brought a tasteless fruit cake but smothered in butter it was the best breakfast after the storms. Supriya lent a hand cleaning up the puddles from the leaks, handing her a number for a local roof specialist. They warned her the number of stray animals roaming the beaches, a ship crashed into the rocks years ago bringing them to the shores. Cats curled up, a fireplace warming them, their thanks shown through shredding sofas at unsuspecting newcomers homes and dogs running off with hotdogs waiting their turn on the barbecue. Jason’s dog Mouzer sheltered in his porch, he had been a stray looking for food and warmth, he took him in and they had been inseparable since. Ziva had yet to explore the surrounding area and the idea of furry company was what she needed to make this her home.

Work was quiet, with time to think, she mulled over the changes in her life over the past few years and the friends who moved on. Arian may have gone but his ability to spam her inbox remained and the messages got her thinking. What if something drastic happened? A Zombie attack? Meteor strike? The e-mails he sent offered an eccentric idea, private land investment, or a place in the ultimate in bunker comfort, all the amenities you might need in a nuclear fallout. Ziva laughed off the preparation plans, Arian had a wicked sense of humour, it was nice to hear from him, she missed him. Otherwise, work remained her one constant, losing her mother weighed heavy, the numerous changes in her life, it all felt alien and she wasn’t sure how to do it alone. Rylan was distant, he begrudged her calling him, their conversations were brief and continued to make her feel she had abandoned him, guilty for pursuing a life of her own.

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