Aria: When It’s Your Time

Ziva’s head throbbed, memories of shots lined up on the bar churned her stomach, Sunday was a great day for a hangover, Aria cooked bacon. Showers were a welcome relief from a hangover, what was strange however, was the silence, it echoed in her mind, increasing the volume of each step she took. Chaos greetedContinue reading “Aria: When It’s Your Time”

Aria: Change is Coming

Aria cooked up a batch of her spicy chilli, Banoffee Pie and Cheese puff pastries, tonight she would resign as leader of Major Chords in style. The ultimate playlist reflecting her time as host, accompanied by her violin, would start the evening. Stepping down had been long overdue, Aria could no longer keep pace withContinue reading “Aria: Change is Coming”

Aria: Retirement Woes

Time, Aria had so much of it, retirement stretched ahead, a vast emptiness. Her daughter loved mornings, the energised attitude driving her projects, enabling her to cram so much into her day. Ziva’s career gave her confidence, she smiled, breezed through the house, a cheerful positive voice answering the phone, volunteering or meeting friends. AriaContinue reading “Aria: Retirement Woes”

Aria and Rylan: Best Laid Plains

Aria and Braydon made their plans, the serenity offered in Granite Falls, a quaint lodge, fishing spot, romantic forestry walks, stargazing and cuddling near the campfire. Despite reservations, Aria agreed to the plans and the chaos the twins had in mind for their graduation and birthday that same weekend. The twins arrived home excited, discussingContinue reading “Aria and Rylan: Best Laid Plains”

Aria: A New Normal

Aria cried, Rylan was right, her mind was elsewhere, the impact her absence was having on her family. Wrapped in grief Aria focused on her career and friendships, everything except the children, their needs all but brushed aside. Her son was rude, arrogant and hurting, how could she get through to Rylan, he missed hisContinue reading “Aria: A New Normal”

Aria: We All Need A Time Out

When romance is young, you feel you have all the time in the world to explore; it can mean taking it for granted. For Aria, time slipped by as she embraced new love. She felt disconnected from her children, the distance growing as they did, so having Braydon, filled in the little moments. Feeling closeContinue reading “Aria: We All Need A Time Out”

Aria: An Old Friend, A New Flame

Tensions in the house had eased, enabling Aria to get back to what she enjoyed; music. Having reduced her workload, the opportunity to catch up with old friends and practice the violin came to fill in the time. One of those friends was Braydon, he was an old work colleague of Jose’s and long termContinue reading “Aria: An Old Friend, A New Flame”

Aria: Those We Leave Behind

The house felt odd, a palpable emptiness, their father gone in an instant, the laughter, his voice, leaving the family desperately clinging to memories. The physical presence of man was evident, his life remained, an outsider could mistake those items as belonging to Rylan. Months rolled by, Jose’s possessions, clothes, disappeared, until few mementoes remainedContinue reading “Aria: Those We Leave Behind”

Aria: Saying Goodbye

Friday, the best day of the week, no boring school, no feeling exhausted from feigning interest, Rylan lived for the weekends. He would storm upstairs ditching his bag in the hallway, ignoring the family pleasantries, sleeping until called for dinner. Any friends that came back with him ended up working on science projects with Ziva.Continue reading “Aria: Saying Goodbye”

Aria: The kids are alright… but what about us?

Aria’s energy kept her family motivated, furthered her career and reminded Jose of romance, slowing down was for retirement. Her thick black hair was now grey, bobbed curls framing her face, fine lines appeared around her eyes and mouth, stealing nothing from her beauty. While Jose tired easily, Aria kept busy in the kitchen, improvingContinue reading “Aria: The kids are alright… but what about us?”