Ziva: A Bleak Romance?

Kicking off her shoes, Ziva slumped on the sofa, her cats vying for her lap, she sighed letting them decide. Patches padded in a circular motion twice, settling triumphant, Asher resigned himself to resting his head on Ziva’s knee to enjoy a head scratch. This was a regular evening unless she had a party toContinue reading “Ziva: A Bleak Romance?”

Ziva: Asher

Benefits for her revised lifestyle, should have included a trimmer figure, improved moods, decreased stress, perhaps heart health, however, her regular jog got her some inquisitive attention from the small furry kind. A tortoiseshell cat followed her home and he seemed intent on staying. Ziva saw him as she jogged by a cold campfire, heContinue reading “Ziva: Asher”

Rylan and Ziva: Another Birthday

Ziva held her breath, pulled her stomach in tight and squeezed into her orange party dress she thought looked flattering, shop mirrors were delusional, the folded detail at the front did nothing for her curvy figure. Reflecting on her life was hard, a sedentary job and a busy social life meant she had enjoyed theContinue reading “Rylan and Ziva: Another Birthday”

Ziva: Life Choices

When she first arrived in Brindleton Bay, Supriya welcomed her to the neighbourhood. Ziva worked with her husband, Jerome, who helped her settle into her new role and encouraged her to pursue her Tech Guru dreams. They had two children; the eldest Michael worked in a restaurant, whilst Jessica went to high school. Their houseContinue reading “Ziva: Life Choices”

Ziva: Money? No. Fancy a Rave?

Despite success in her career, money accumulated in bills, parties and small home improvements. The rainy day fund looked like a dry Tuesday rather than a wet weekend, meaning she needed a few extra projects to secure her finances. Work put mini projects on the intranet, people wanting applications or plug-ins designing. Ziva had dabbledContinue reading “Ziva: Money? No. Fancy a Rave?”

Ziva: The Social Cat Lady

The bed snuggled, warmth inviting, and the soothing purring, Ziva hated the idea she had to leave. Patches curled close or climbed on her stomach pinning her to the bed calming eyes pleaded that she stayed. How could Ziva be cruel, moving her best friend, work should make allowances for kitty love, right? Over breakfast,Continue reading “Ziva: The Social Cat Lady”

Ziva: Into the Light

Ziva dropped to the chair, head throbbing, stomach-churning, it had been a crazy night some parts of which she questioned as to what had happened. Meeting up with her girlfriends on Friday nights for post-work drinks had become the routine. Last night Ziva strained her thoughts, how had she got into bed?  Opening the frontContinue reading “Ziva: Into the Light”

Ziva: All Patched Up

Ziva noticed Patches used to visit daily, however, it had been at least a week since the stray had come by. Worried, Ziva risked being late for work to look for the cat along the usual beach route. She spied a fluffy tail near a bush and ran over, it was another cat, basking in the sun, unimpressed by theContinue reading “Ziva: All Patched Up”

Ziva: Let the world swallow me

Ziva thrived in her career; her ideas earned her recognition both within the company and the industry. She had shown innovative concepts in her most recent program; the development of the software was groundbreaking in online gaming development. Protecting players whilst online from hackers, Ziva knew that her advancement would be a temporary success, asContinue reading “Ziva: Let the world swallow me”

Ziva: Love or Fur

Ziva hated the quiet time, amidst her job and active social life she found herself feeling lonely. Rylan had Emilie waiting for him she had no-one, no company or lover to care if her day was good or bad. She missed her brother, they were words she thought would be the furthest from her mindContinue reading “Ziva: Love or Fur”