Aria: Tots Know How to Party!!

All this quality time as at home had enhanced Jose cooking skills; experimenting with new flavours and textures. It wasn’t easy, every meal was being criticised by two toddlers with very discernible taste buds. For some reason, it made Jose nervous when his brother-in-law visited. Wesley, although retired was still serious about food, although heContinue reading “Aria: Tots Know How to Party!!”

Aria: Broken toys and Temper Tantrums

Jose made the most of every second he had with his twins, they would not be this small and cute for long. Aria preferred it when they were asleep, she would sit and watch them for the few hours they were quiet. Taking time for themselves and each other remained important, Wesley was away travellingContinue reading “Aria: Broken toys and Temper Tantrums”

Aria: Wondering if we are ever going to get it all figured out?

Aria was fed-up of her long hair feeling greasy, getting in the way when she trained. She had very little time to put into caring for it, those long black locks spent most of their time scooped up off her neck. It was time for a radical change, without warning her husband Aria opted forContinue reading “Aria: Wondering if we are ever going to get it all figured out?”