Aria: Broken toys and Temper Tantrums

Jose made the most of every second he had with his twins, they would not be this small and cute for long. Aria preferred it when they were asleep, she would sit and watch them for the few hours they were quiet. Taking time for themselves and each other remained important, Wesley was away travelling a lot, gathering recipes for his new restaurant, leaving Auntie Tara gushing over them when Jose and Aria needed their alone time.

As toddlers, Rylan showed himself to be very independent. He was fascinated by the world around him, everything around the house needed to be handled, tested and if his parents were not watching, dropped on the floor to see if it would break. Getting out of the house meant more excitement such as inspecting Aria’s poor quality vegetables and attempting to eat worms; all perfectly normal in Rylan’s mind. Ziva was his opposite, she was angelic, certainly the one the Major Chords enjoyed meeting the most. What she hated more than anything was when her mother left for work, she would run out the front door, along the path, her eyes filled with tears, Jose following carrying Rylan, trying to stop her.

The bond between Rylan and Ziva was growing stronger with each day, there was no squabbling over toys or hair pulling, they each had their interests. Rylan liked solid tangible objects, his building blocks and toy box. Ziva, although she enjoyed her dolls house she preferred the tablet; given the chance she would never put it down, pouting whenever the battery died or she was told it was time for bed. Their similarities evolved around their love of food, particularly fish, with the TV on the twins preferred the sofa to their high chairs, enjoying their dinner, babbling about bananas.

When it came to learning their manners, Ziva acted up, rhyming her name to Diva, stomping her foot and running off, back to the games and videos on her tablet. Jose was forced to confiscate the device, her screams and tears giving him a headache; he let her pout, arms folded on the sofa whilst he played the same game with Rylan. The curious nature of his son meant he seemed interested in the concept of games, his head tilting side to side, in reality, Rylan just loved listening to his father’s voice. Jose could be telling him about the contents of the bin, Rylan didn’t care, as long as dad was talking he would focus on that sound when the lesson ended, he toddled off looking for mischief.

Their personalities were starting to assert themselves, as were their skills, despite her love for the digital, Ziva excelled in communication, imagination and movement, being the first to be independent with the potty. Rylan was slower in his skill-building, although he was always thinking about the world around him, it was clear it was more focused on what trouble he could get into or cause. He flourished creatively and loved bopping along to the stereo. He wasn’t much for talking, his silence worried Aria as it generally meant mischief. There was often flour or paints being thrown about or something broken. Afterwards, he would run into the lounge staring at his parents, giggle, then run off to hide.

Whilst Jose chose to let his career take a back seat to his family, his progression remained steady. The interest in trends waned as Jose’s joy was painting and spending his time with his family. Aria felt supported to keep driving hers forward. Having had two babies did not make her life easier to maintain her shape, there was often a lot of snacking, treats and munching on leftovers, but as the competition got closer her efforts to get fitter and more toned were tripled. Aria wanted to show her daughter a strong, positive role model, and being finally placing first in the amateur bikini comp was all she needed to take her position with the pros.

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