Aria: Wondering if we are ever going to get it all figured out?

Aria was fed-up of her long hair feeling greasy, getting in the way when she trained. She had very little time to put into caring for it, those long black locks spent most of their time scooped up off her neck. It was time for a radical change, without warning her husband Aria opted for a very short feathered style, highlighted mint green, it was far easier to manage, and gave her pretty much a wash and go look. Jose was stunned, almost chopping his finger as he diced the carrots for his stew. If beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, he was certainly enjoying the view, although the look gave her a more mature image, it complimented her still very youthful face.

Jose wanted to get a head start on the nursery, although they had not started trying for a baby, he made plans to add a small room, just off their bedroom for their future little one. Letting his inner artist create pictures to amuse the child as they grew up. Not wanting Aria to feel under any pressure, he purchased books on parenting, keen to get ideas on how to hold, comfort and wean the newborn. The books were kept hidden, although the work on the additional room, was not very convincingly looking like the on-suite he told Aria about. Not that she really mind, Aria smiled, playing along with Jose less than subtle approach. She ponders their future, the chaos that a baby would bring, unpredictable but so much more love. She was still struggling to break into the professional Body Building competitions, she missed out on qualifying so many times initially in the Bikini open, then in the figure, the amateur competitions were tough, coming so close to placing was frustrating. With another figure comp lined up, Aria decides regardless of the outcome she can’t put off a family much longer.

Aria managed to place third, giving her the confidence to believe she could make the move to the professionals, that however was something to be put on hold, she had made herself, and Jose a promise. Jose took her for a romantic meal, the new restaurant had a rooftop dining area with stunning views of Newcrest. They knew their home was green, but seeing it from so high up, with the stars, it was impressive. As Jose gazed into Aria eyes, he realises in that very moment he has found his soulmate, no matter what happens in their life from this moment they would be always together, tonight was perfect.

Over the coming months, in between writing his 6th children’s book ‘Light in the Mountains’ Jose continued working on the nursery. His excitement tripled as Aria started to show, her petite athletic figure remained with the growth completely focused on her stomach. Aria worried that she would never return to her slender frame if she kept growing at such a rate, surely a baby did not require so much space?

Parker was on the run, Wesley doubted they would be seeing him again, leaving him and Tara to fuss over the expectant little sister. They had so many name suggestions, parenting tips and were offering to babysit often. Aria rolled her eyes, the thought of her brother and sister trying to juggle their lives around spending time with their niece or nephew every week, it was highly amusing. Jose enjoyed the interaction, jokingly suggesting they should prepare themselves for baby number two, he’d quite like to know if this sibling dynamic was inherited. Aria sighed, she had yet to master domestic duties, one baby was plenty, especially at the rate they were currently growing!!

Aria had been dreaming as her body moved into the first stages of labour, curled up in her bed, Jose rearranging the numerous cuddly toys he had bought. A green spectral figure, long blonde hair pulled on top of her head, her doctors coat buttoned up, the face familiar, Buffy-Anne. The image, words of comfort, stayed with her as she pushed through the pain. Buffy-Anne looked so happy like she had had the most amazing life, she had apologised for not being there, but would always be by her side as the next generation came in the world. Aria, like her mother and grandmother, was the youngest her Grace generation, the strongest, they always made the best mothers. The spasm from her stomach, her waters breaking, Aria jolted, her cry interrupting Jose’s focus, teddies flew as Jose switched into panic mode, grabbing her hospital baby and almost forgetting to call the taxi.

Jose discovers very quickly he was made to be a hands-on dad immediately taking to his son Rylan, whilst Aria got to grips with the reason her stomach had been so big. Twins run in the family, Rylan’s twin sister Ziva made their little family complete. Fussing over two very demanding babies who had their own sleeping patterns made for a very interesting time. Luckily Jose continued to work from home, enabling Aria to continue training her clients, and pushing the limits of her body. The biggest distraction from her training was spending time wondering what personalities were currently sleeping in their cribs.

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