Aria: Tots Know How to Party!!

All this quality time as at home had enhanced Jose cooking skills; experimenting with new flavours and textures. It wasn’t easy, every meal was being criticised by two toddlers with very discernible taste buds. For some reason, it made Jose nervous when his brother-in-law visited. Wesley, although retired was still serious about food, although he never complained, Jose felt his dishes were still under scrutiny, making him almost too afraid to ask if it was enjoyable. Aria thought he was being silly, the Major Chords would not continue to meet here if the food on offer was poor. Besides, surely his children’s opinion was all that mattered.

For Ziva, the abundance of guests was exhilarating, Aria and Jose struggled to put her to bed, she wanted to stay up, talking to everyone about princesses, mummy’s plants and Rylan playing in the potty, the latter making Jose cringe. Rylan was less keen on the number of people, however, he loved listening to music, he would bop along for hours, for what he lacked in communication skills he made up for in boundless energy no matter how much sleep he had. They had to surrender letting them both stay up past bedtime, Ziva would fall asleep first curled up on a chair or in Wesley’s arms, Rylan would bounce until the guests started leaving, then out like a light when his head hit the pillow.

Birthdays were coming around so quickly, they had checked out the local school, even taking the twins to have a look around at where they would spend the next few years. The twin’s bond would certainly be tested, Ziva they felt would be fine since she was vocal and outgoing, but Rylan hid behind Jose as they toured the classrooms, not keen on the idea of the bigger children

The Newcrest Bowling Alley had finally opened its doors, the timing couldn’t be better. Jose remembered playing there as a teen, it was a fair few years ago, he hoped he still had some moves to show off. Taking the lead, he lined up with the right-hand side pin of the second row, he dropped to a curtsy as he swung the ball back, stepping forward as he launched the ball down the alley. The bowling ball veered off to the left falling into the gutter. Jose rolled his shoulders and stretched out, it was a bad shot, but he needed to brush it off as a practice shot.

Aria was up next, she had been observing the lane on the other side, she took a few strides towards the lane swinging her arm back then dropping into the throw, it shot down the alley taking out a few pins, she wasn’t able to clear any more with that turn, but it was a technique that worked for her most of the time.

Rylan started with relative confidence, the ball, however, was heavier than he thought, he tried desperately to hold it, then as he moved forward, the silly gripless shoes slid on the smooth wooden surface, the ball bounced off the bumpers and down the lane taking out a couple of pins. Rylan landed on his bottom, falling back and staring up at the ceiling. He cringed with embarrassment, knowing there were a few children around who would be at the school on Monday. It was Ziva who took the win for their first night out, by copying her mother’s technique, and with the help of the bumpers knocked down most of the pins each turn. She was very proud of herself, excited about school and figured life was pretty awesome

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