Ziva: Life Choices

When she first arrived in Brindleton Bay, Supriya welcomed her to the neighbourhood. Ziva worked with her husband, Jerome, who helped her settle into her new role and encouraged her to pursue her Tech Guru dreams. They had two children; the eldest Michael worked in a restaurant, whilst Jessica went to high school. Their house needed attention when they bought it, Supriya motivated herself, the renovations and raising their children, so it meant friends had yet to visit.

Ziva admired the grandeur, compared to her humble and sparse decor, this house could be a palace. A staircase curled the wall to the first floor, a bannister lined the open walkway, framing the faux candle chandelier. The circular rug had seen better days, having children, and Ziva recalled Jerome mentioned they had a dog, had contributed to its frayed appearance. Supriya interrupted her thoughts, keen to get Ziva into the pool.

They sat on the edge, feet dipped, kicking the water, Jerome provided a few cocktails, meaning swimming was off the menu. Ziva felt dizzy, wishing she had eaten lunch rather than waiting for the promised barbecue. Supriya loved her children talking about an overwhelming number of stories, and when Ziva looked to losing interest, Supriya followed changed the subject and talked about the house aspect. Conversation from Ziva’s perspective was observational, she told stories about her niece, the quirks and experiences her sister-in-law shared, or her cat, Patches. Jerome urged his wife and she giggled, nudging Ziva, keen to know of any potential romances. She shook her head when Ziva avoided discussing her love life beyond the mention of Arian, still questioning herself and her developing interest in women. Disappointed, Supriya changed the subject, as Ziva looked hopeful, mouth-watering as Jerome dressed the burgers.

Hungry, Ziva indulged, the fruit salad hidden by chocolate cake, hoping to balance her diet with the rich food of the day. Patches was puzzled, she had polished off the chicken at breakfast, and despite Ziva reminding her, Patches pawed the fridge, singing for treats. Supriya had a point, Ziva had put little effort into her home, it looked neglected, which was appropriate, work, and a hectic social beckoned. Rylan had Emilie and her love of soft furnishings, their home was busy, warm, and lived in. This place, cold, drab, the small windows failed to illuminate her world, Ziva wished someone would come into her life who had the vision to transform it into a warm homely place.

In Supriya’s eyes, Ziva neglected her relationships, being single and almost forty years old, her friend worried she was leaving everything late. A fair point, Ziva had focused on her career, just like her mother driven to succeed, where they differed was Aria had Jose, the pair were a team. Ziva flipped the laser pointer distracting Patches, she enjoyed life, believing she had time for everything, including starting a family.  Rylan cooed, Eliza would be taking her first steps soon, they were discussing baby number two, while Ziva pondered getting another cat or hanging with her friends. This change in their lives would surprise their parents. Patches patted the still light, bored, her human lost in thoughts if playtime had finished, that meant snack time, her third nap, perhaps she would try the computer chair for her next siesta.

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