Ziva: The Social Cat Lady

The bed snuggled, warmth inviting, and the soothing purring, Ziva hated the idea she had to leave. Patches curled close or climbed on her stomach pinning her to the bed calming eyes pleaded that she stayed. How could Ziva be cruel, moving her best friend, work should make allowances for kitty love, right? Over breakfast, Patches eyed the omelette, sniffing the air, Ziva sliced a piece, saving it till the end, sharing the deliciousness. Ziva wanted someone to share her life with, Patches filled the hole, distracting her, pawing her trousers, those extra cuddles making her late for work.

Patches settled, her new home had cupboards, perfect hiding spots, from the fridge she surveyed her kitchen or jumped on Ziva when reaching for a snack. What Ziva ate, Patches wanted a taste, she bit at marshmallows, spitting the soft sugary texture, curiosity unsatisfied. Chicken held the big draw; Ziva joked with Emilie how Patches knew when the roast was ready. She would run to the kitchen, sometimes from the beach, winding herself through Ziva’s legs, impatient cries. If pets were like their owners, Patches hit the mark, a foody soulmate in Ziva.

Laura avoided Ziva’s calls for months, this invitation to the Humour and Hijinks festival surprised her. The Art Gallery, San Myshuno provided the backdrop, Ziva made a note to visit, try her hand at the murals they raved about in the brochure. Ayaka and Maestro joined the event, making themselves scarce, sensing Laura’s awkward vibe. Ziva stood hoping Laura would be open; they had been best friends since school, Laura had kept her sexuality hidden, shy near other women. When Ziva approached Elizabeth, Laura needed an honest conversation with herself. Standing a few feet from the festival celebrations, Laura wondered if Ziva saw her in the same way. It was risky, Laura’s heart raced, she rubbed her hands on her skirt, waiting for Ziva’s response. Silence followed, flattered, Ziva was questioning her own emotions. She had enjoyed the company of men, meeting Elizabeth had changed that, it was all new to her. Moving forward, Ziva was unsure where her future lay, she knew that Laura was a sister figure rather than a lover.

They walked over to the festival Laura pouted, disappointed, she slipped away leaving the jokesters. The team and Ayaka chose to party without her. Ziva looked around, a couple of drinks in hand, she understood why Laura left, with a half-smile, she hoped that they were still friends. Rather than wander alone with her thoughts Ziva became distracted telling jokes; sneaking a look at her phone hoping Laura messaged her back. Maestro jumped, actioning the crowd to join, whipping up from the stand he regaled stories of water cooler gossip and penguins in biscuits tins that had everyone in hysterics.

It had been enough for the win, the pranksters were sore losers, deflated whoopie cushions and raw eggs on their shoes, knocking over chairs, swearing as Maestro lit the fireworks which erupted in yellow and purple, pops, bangs and cheers from the crowd.

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