Aria: Is there such a thing as too cosy?

Their tiny home was perfect for raising toddlers, nestled in their nursery the twins were close and played together without incident. Flash forward into childhood and nothing could be further from the truth. Rylan was wild, he had been active as a tot, now he was a rambunctious scamp, when he couldn’t get to the park he was tormenting his sister or driving his parents crazy running around the house, trampling mud throughout. His latest pleasure when he was sent to their still shared bedroom was shaking paints all over the floor. Jose warned him several times about this, but it fell on deaf ears with tantrums and complaints.

Ziva they believed would be a social butterfly, surrounded by friends, a child they would worry less about getting into trouble. Although it was true Ziva made friends easily, she preferred those who liked to play chess, read, and study. Academically Ziva excelled from day one, unlike the creative nature of her parents and brother, she was bound by numbers, logic and a desire to learn in a more structured way.

Jose could feel the years no longer creeping but catapulting him into old age with all the typical signs, grey hair, aching back and trousers that seemed to fit yesterday, having suddenly shrunk by an inch or two around the waist. Blowing out candles on yet another birthday cake made him wonder more about the future, he imaged Ziva being a politician or in public relations, with Rylan either joining the military, police or even following in Aria’s footsteps, as long as it kept him out of trouble, besides he could use the discipline. Jose was the go-to guy for all the random, often silly questions the children came up with/ When Rylan was miffed about a birthday present he received, Jose told him to be grateful, since it was the thought that counted. Rylan shrugged, threw it on the table and went off to watch some TV. Ziva excelled in debating everything including the benefits and the lack of nutrition found in dirt, in the end, it was a question of whether she should eat it because a girl at school had done. It was all urgent, Aria rarely got these, she was their go-to for homework assistance.

Packing up their home took ages with Rylan unpacking things, his bad temper putting a bigger strain on his already stressed parents. They had found a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house, with a large kitchen diner, perfect for hosting and keeping Aria’s weight machine. The garden was large enough to buy a spaceship for the children to play on and Jose insisted on buying a barbecue for those summer parties. All the excitement of the move was overshadowed by the death of Wesley, having passed silently in the night leaving Tara alone in Oasis Springs. Aria tried to persuade her to move to Newcrest, but she insisted everything was fine and that she was fine on her own.

Rylan it seemed was hitting the moody teens early, coming home from school he slammed his bedroom door, refusing to come downstairs. They looked to Ziva who dropped her head muttering about needing to do her homework. Over the next few weeks, Jose tried to get Rylan to open up about what was happening at school, but Rylan lashed out, calling his father names, at the weekend this rage was targeted at his sister. Things got worse when Rylan found a love letter Ziva had written to their teacher Mr Sargent. She was doing so well in his class, her books were covered in equations and hearts with his name in it. Whilst inappropriate, Jose didn’t see the harm, he confiscated it and gave her a new book to work from

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