Aria: Is there such a thing as too cosy?

Their tiny home was perfect for raising toddlers, nestled in their nursery the twins were close and played together without incident. Flash forward into childhood and nothing could be further from the truth. Rylan was wild, he had been active as a tot, now he was a rambunctious scamp, when he couldn’t get to theContinue reading “Aria: Is there such a thing as too cosy?”

Aria: Tots Know How to Party!!

All this quality time as at home had enhanced Jose cooking skills; experimenting with new flavours and textures. It wasn’t easy, every meal was being criticised by two toddlers with very discernible taste buds. For some reason, it made Jose nervous when his brother-in-law visited. Wesley, although retired was still serious about food, although heContinue reading “Aria: Tots Know How to Party!!”

Aria: Broken toys and Temper Tantrums

Jose made the most of every second he had with his twins, they would not be this small and cute for long. Aria preferred it when they were asleep, she would sit and watch them for the few hours they were quiet. Taking time for themselves and each other remained important, Wesley was away travellingContinue reading “Aria: Broken toys and Temper Tantrums”

Aria: Wondering if we are ever going to get it all figured out?

Aria was fed-up of her long hair feeling greasy, getting in the way when she trained. She had very little time to put into caring for it, those long black locks spent most of their time scooped up off her neck. It was time for a radical change, without warning her husband Aria opted forContinue reading “Aria: Wondering if we are ever going to get it all figured out?”

Aria: Oh No! I have Grey hair!!! Seriously, this is my mid-life crisis

Since the wedding, their work/life balance seemed to be hard to manage. Aria was busy building her client base at the local gym. It was a small venue, a pool and changing area on the ground floor and a large open space area upstairs divided into three sections, boxing, cardio and weights. Aria thrived onContinue reading “Aria: Oh No! I have Grey hair!!! Seriously, this is my mid-life crisis”

Aria: Big Brother’s Watching… But Everything’s Broken!

Aria had already left for work, and Jose, hoping to have a shower and head out, got a cold shock.  Icy water spurted out of the shower head, then sprayed through the pipe connection, over the shower door to the floor, Jose let out a high-pitched scream as the water hit his bare skin. Drying himself off, and wearing nothingContinue reading “Aria: Big Brother’s Watching… But Everything’s Broken!”

Aria: It could be a circus: We’re getting hitched!

Aria continued to host gatherings for Major Chords; they even made Jose, who possessed no musically ability, an honorary member due to his provision of food to the group. Aria was the most proficient of the group, particularly on the violin, she would play for hours, losing herself in the rhythm, seemingly at one with the bow.  The groupContinue reading “Aria: It could be a circus: We’re getting hitched!”

Aria: Love is… Burnt Eggs on Warm Bread

Leonne always seemed to have it together, even with five unruly children running around, the house was always clean and tidy, the food was amazing. Aria couldn’t understand why her attempts at domestic life always seemed to head very quickly towards disaster. She wanted to surprise Jose by cooking up some breakfast before work, nothingContinue reading “Aria: Love is… Burnt Eggs on Warm Bread”

Aria: Lost and Loved

Jose found himself thinking of Aria too, feeling inspired by their growing friendship he pondered the stereotype of courting the girl next door. They met up at the Rattlesnake Bar, a quaint little place in Oasis Springs, he hoped a change of scene would be relaxing. The food wasn’t great, but the atmosphere was pleasantContinue reading “Aria: Lost and Loved”

Aria: The Man Next Door

Aria struggled to make friends, having only really spoken to her siblings, or herself in the mirror. It took a lot of courage to seize any opportunity to make new friends. It was through her love of music that Aria was able to make her first friends via a club called Major Chords. Although sheContinue reading “Aria: The Man Next Door”