Ziva: Vicky Cavanagh

Ziva squeezed into her cropped jeans wanting to look her best, her conversations with Vicky were amazing, she ended each feeling high, happy and eager for the next. She shook loose her thick black hair admiring herself, signing heavily, she checked the time, a shower would have been great, except she was late leaving. Loosening a ponytail to the side, Ziva gave another glance in the mirror, making a good impression was vital, this would be the first time meeting.

Vicky, Liam, Simon, Alexia and Ziva

A tall gentleman, broad shoulders, a shock of white hair contrast again his dark skin answered the door, a warm smile at the nervous Ziva as he took his time with the invite. She guessed this was Simon, the oldest brother, his white styled beard and a habit of being overprotective of his sisters. Vicky had tried to clear her siblings from the house, but the mention of meeting her long-distance girlfriend, they were staying for that. Alexis and Liam were the youngest and the half-siblings, with black hair, meaning the white locks came from their father since they share the same mother. On the phone, Vicky seemed tentative as she explained how both she and Simon, born with ginger hair, were shock when it turned white as teenagers, she had worn wigs or dyed her hair for years, but this was damaging. The doctors had given a brief explanation, Canities Subita, a rare phenomenon, that causes rapid colour or melanin loss, and linked to poliosis, a small white patch of hair, present at birth. He revised his diagnosis to include a trigger, their father died when they were young, the introduction of a stepparent and two additional siblings, the white hair was psychological stress. Either way, Vicky and Simon had learned to embrace their locks, Simon felt it gave him a mature, trusting appearance.

Three nosy siblings separated the couple, Ziva ignored them politely, her eyes focused on a blushing Vicky, their conversation flowed as though they had known each other their entire lives. Vicky was beautiful, Ziva had been uncertain what to expect, wondering if the white hair made her look old and whether she, herself would be desirable to Vicky, none of that mattered, Ziva knew, this was everything she had been waiting for. Ziva shared her decision to take a risk with her career, handing in her notice, leaving the Tech-Guru career that had given her a stable income to chase another dream. Damiren kept his word, securing her an interview, Ziva worried her weight would be an issue, however, she passed the physical tests and expertise in computers gave her the edge over the competition and she entered the space adventure as a low orbit specialist.


Happiness, excitement prevented Ziva from feeling guilty leaving Fiona home alone for the afternoon, meeting Vicky put her heart and head in a spin. It knocked her sideways, the moment Vicky appeared, that voices, those large green eyes, Ziva lost her voice for a moment. She twirled, cuddling Fiona, the pup’s objection to the spinning unnoticed, instead Ziva popped on the leash and dragged her to the beach, hoping future sunset walks, she would enjoy with a loving girlfriend. Fiona, had she been human, would have rolled her eyes at the smitten woman, exclaiming how wonderful life was, but as a dog, the equivalent was her favourite activity, chasing her tail.

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