Eliza: The Rodriguez Siblings

Patrick started his schooling pocketing supplies, Emilie hoped it was once, but calls from the principal accused him of being a kleptomaniac. Emilie frown disappointed, Patrick twists his foot into the rug, shrugging at what he had done without apology. His misbehaviour gained him a cool reputation amongst his classmates, meaning he was unlikely to stop any time. Rylan yelled, it scared the children, despite Patrick being the troublesome son, he reprimanded all.

Patrick and Emilie

Music had a special place in Eliza’s heart, but she relished her growing friendship circle. Being popular, an unintended effect, children wanted to join her Social Butterflies, the pirate ship Rylan spent a fortune on keeping them entertained after school. Patrick hung at the edge, feet shuffling, waiting for an invitation to play. She rolled her eyes, Patrick was welcome, although unofficially a member, he added excitement to their seafaring adventure.

With creative use of language combined with a wild imagination, Eliza captivated her audience. Tiny hand made puppets, named, characters developed, she insisted everyone sat and watched her performance of “The Magic Blade”. A girl called Rhiannon was the stories protagonist, alongside her was best friend Barry and a charming man, Graham as the outlaw. Our heroine discovers a blade in the cellar and realising her family has secrets, journey’s to discover the truth. A Halloween party with her cousin however leaves her with startling questions, and she finds herself the subject of Graham’s plans. Stealing from her father’s books, Eliza embroils her story with a coffee addiction and theft. Interrupted, the children, engrossed, groaned at their parent’s arrival and Emilie’s reminder, her homework needed finishing.

Eliza’s performance of “The Magic Blade”

Emilie tucked Eliza in, the child’s mind excited by her audience reaction, “Ooo’s”, “Ahhh’s” and she is certain as they went home, she had them talking, the plot, and Rhiannon. Squirming beneath the blankets, Eliza wanted to talk more, Emilie perched on the bed brushing the hair from Eliza’s face, shushing her. The dreams that followed, Eliza would ditch her violin for a star on the walk of fame, an actress for the Silver Screen.

Charlotte took ample encouragement from her big sister, proving she would be an excellent thinker, exceeding her siblings at the same age. Emilie suggested Eliza tried teaching, but she danced with Charlotte, actresses taught the world life lessons, tugged the heartstrings, and brought emotions to life, what could be better than that. Rylan’s involvement with Charlotte stretched to sitting her in the high chair, giving her food and leaving her to eat whilst he got back to work. The youngest cried, being alone, she hated it, soggy cereal squeezed in hands, missed her mouth, decorate her dress and floor, waiting for her fathers return, and hoping he remembered she was there without Eliza to remind him.

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