Milly: Where do Artist’s go to rest?

She looked asleep, soft white hair tied back. Her green eyes closed, and a hint of the blush gave her cheeks some warmth. A blouse buttoned to the neck and paired with a peach waistcoat and skirt. Vicky always loved her skirts. Milly added a boutonniere made from wildflowers she had found near the bay.Continue reading “Milly: Where do Artist’s go to rest?”

Vicky: The Lighthouse

Part Two The weather turned chilly, the wind blew strong, and the snow begged to fall. Milly’s stomach growled, the generous breakfast fuelled her until she spied a muffin. Her green eyes sparkled at the accompanying marshmallow mountain hot chocolate. What was missing from the perfect day was the views, the sun setting across theContinue reading “Vicky: The Lighthouse”

Vicky: The LightHouse

Part One The income covered the bills, with nothing remaining for luxuries. Vicky took overtime, hoping to avoid using the saving she and Ziva put aside for Milly’s future. The price for her absence was leaving her daughter alone and with family at the weekend. Since Ziva’s death, the house was cold, empty, the twoContinue reading “Vicky: The LightHouse”

Milly: What is Normal?

Normal had come with an abundance of chaos; in their former life, Ziva would take Fiona walking, Vicky prepared breakfast, and Milly brought the chaos. Their daughter chased the cats, splashed water in the bathroom or would have the sudden recollection her was homework was incomplete. Since Winterfest, Vicky struggled to find the motivation; MillyContinue reading “Milly: What is Normal?”

Vicky: Rocks in the Storm

Silence, as Grim disappeared through the black smoke, the family stood in shock. Simon rested a firm, supportive hand on Vicky’s shoulder as she continued to cling to Alexis, her life raft in the grieving sea. The festive tunes cut through the din, prompting Liam to hit mute. Outside, snow fell, the distant sea lapped,Continue reading “Vicky: Rocks in the Storm”

Ziva: On the Eve on Winterfest

The big family gathering was all Ziva could think of as they decorated the tree; the snow outside seemed to have other plans as Vicky took another call with her brother declining their invitation. She struggled to hide her disappointment as their family decided the blizzard conditions forecast were risky. Their coastal home welcomed strongContinue reading “Ziva: On the Eve on Winterfest”

Ziva: Remembrance Day

Every parent feels it; when their baby takes their first steps when stammered words develop into language, and the inevitable birthday.  Vicky dreaded the day Milly would leave, the first school day awaited her, the excitement at seeing the woman she would be, replaced with the fear in what world would await her. On theContinue reading “Ziva: Remembrance Day”

Vicky: Stresses and Stains

Ziva’s new role, which she claims is as a consultant for the police, appears to fill her time. Vicky surveys the carnage of their home, Milly’s enthusiasm for all things, sticky fingers cover the walls and furnishing, the cats decorated with hair clips, bows, and Fiona has a glittery ribbon fastened to her tail whichContinue reading “Vicky: Stresses and Stains”

Ziva: Corruption

A space ranger, Ziva believed she was doing a respectable and law-abiding role, the intergalactic police regulating rocket ships, aliens and trade. Ziva was proud, representing the rangers, preventing a parasitic species from escaping into her homeworld, capturing several cowboys trying to leapfrog their way to the outpost and its unregulated currency. What shocked herContinue reading “Ziva: Corruption”

Ziva: Beautiful Baby, Overshadowed by Woe

It had been a difficult situation, workmen trampled through the house, scaring the cats, waking Milly and leaving muddy boot prints for Vicky to clean. Ziva reassured her the place would be beautiful and perfect, the ideal space to raise their daughter. The opportunity to stay with Emile, from this perspective, was a welcome change;Continue reading “Ziva: Beautiful Baby, Overshadowed by Woe”