Rylan: Bubbles

Emilie failed to recall her last night of partying, with pregnancy and being unable to slip comfortably into her favourite dress it felt like a long time. She leaned back across the bed, wriggling, holding her stomach, begging the zip to close. Slender frame adjusted following the introduction of her daughter who Eliza waved herContinue reading “Rylan: Bubbles”

Rylan: Friendship? Vlogging and Tiny Mischief

Mischief had a price, Emilie forwarded her chain letters, the thought that went into their creation would have impressed Rylan. He was busy, zero time for silly e-mails, however, their friend Alex, was very unimpressed. She called ranting and raving, Emilie held the phone at arm’s length, bringing it closer to try calming the conversation.Continue reading “Rylan: Friendship? Vlogging and Tiny Mischief”

Rylan and Ziva: Another Birthday

Ziva held her breath, pulled her stomach in tight and squeezed into her orange party dress she thought looked flattering, shop mirrors were delusional, the folded detail at the front did nothing for her curvy figure. Reflecting on her life was hard, a sedentary job and a busy social life meant she had enjoyed theContinue reading “Rylan and Ziva: Another Birthday”

Ziva: Life Choices

When she first arrived in Brindleton Bay, Supriya welcomed her to the neighbourhood. Ziva worked with her husband, Jerome, who helped her settle into her new role and encouraged her to pursue her Tech Guru dreams. They had two children; the eldest Michael worked in a restaurant, whilst Jessica went to high school. Their houseContinue reading “Ziva: Life Choices”

Ziva: Money? No. Fancy a Rave?

Despite success in her career, money accumulated in bills, parties and small home improvements. The rainy day fund looked like a dry Tuesday rather than a wet weekend, meaning she needed a few extra projects to secure her finances. Work put mini projects on the intranet, people wanting applications or plug-ins designing. Ziva had dabbledContinue reading “Ziva: Money? No. Fancy a Rave?”

Ziva: The Social Cat Lady

The bed snuggled, warmth inviting, and the soothing purring, Ziva hated the idea she had to leave. Patches curled close or climbed on her stomach pinning her to the bed calming eyes pleaded that she stayed. How could Ziva be cruel, moving her best friend, work should make allowances for kitty love, right? Over breakfast,Continue reading “Ziva: The Social Cat Lady”

Ziva: Into the Light

Ziva dropped to the chair, head throbbing, stomach-churning, it had been a crazy night some parts of which she questioned as to what had happened. Meeting up with her girlfriends on Friday nights for post-work drinks had become the routine. Last night Ziva strained her thoughts, how had she got into bed?  Opening the frontContinue reading “Ziva: Into the Light”

Rylan: A Love to last the ages

A few weeks after giving birth, Emilie was itching to get some alone time as Eliza clung on, her mother’s blonde hair wrapped in needy fingers, and a hungry mouth, Emilie sat exhausted. She loved the smile, the wide-eyed curiosity, Eliza knew what she wanted and how to get the attention. Emilie could watch herContinue reading “Rylan: A Love to last the ages”

Rylan: Grilled Cheese, Baby!

Cravings, Emilie desired grilled cheese; two slices, butter smothered crusty white bread, warmed until the butter melts, add cheese, Red Leicester or Strong Cheddar, neat slices that bubble under the grill. It is what her baby wants, the purest pleasure, Emilie seizes the rare moment, adding a slice of ham under the cheese, a dashContinue reading “Rylan: Grilled Cheese, Baby!”

Rylan: FIRED!

Rylan overheard a conversation, two of the senior executives discussed expenses. They were laughing, the pair suggesting a significant fortune of falsified receipts were keeping them in high-end shoes and suits. He called Ziva to help him check over the budget for his department. He discovered the dishonesty was limitless even his manager was inContinue reading “Rylan: FIRED!”