Patrick: Granite Falls

If staying home would solve this rift with Charlotte, he might have considered it. As he packed, she watched, scribbling her deepest thoughts, like how she would kill him the moment she became a vampire. They argued; Patrick called selfish for abandoning her in favour of open spaces where bears will eat him; Patrick teased her concerns, offering assurances he would be safe. It riled her further; she hoped the bears shredded and devoured him, leaving no trace or whatever remained was unidentifiable as proof he existed. Her drama continued as Caleb arrived; upon seeing Charlotte, he embraced her, eyes chilled Patrick, the brother felt unnerved by the overzealous nature of Charlotte’s boyfriend. He tried to shake free of the sensation; Caleb had been polite, respectful; Charlotte had spun Patrick’s desire to leave as a slight against her, giving way to a hostile conversation. Physically she looked similar to Emilie; while he and Eliza took a likeness to their father, personality-wise he saw his siblings as unique selves. His sister, convinced of her existence as Emilie’s double, had decided this was Patrick’s reasoning.

Mandy and Patrick

The journey took him through Evergreen Harbour; Patrick cringed at the smoggy town; the people were suffering, coughing. He lifted his bag deterring those inclined to sit next to him and gazed at the busy shipping port, hoping with was the correct train. Glimmerbrook, the last station, this sleepy hamlet, host to a few homes and an unappealing bar, where his ride to Granite Falls awaited. Uncomfortable, Patrick sat with his root beer, questioning his decision to use local transportation. A guff looking man, his patched clothes, long unbrushed hair, and a beard birds could nest grunted, nodding his head toward the rusted blue truck. Patrick attempted futile conversation; the man answered with one word, or where the question was open, he let it remain that way.

Breathe; lungs expanded; Patrick thought he grew several inches as his eyes tried to take in the new surroundings; if the stranger failed to collect him in a few days, he would be happy to accept an indefinite offer to stay. The definition of serenity was Granite Falls; he could hear the breeze rustling the leaves and bird song; it made him realise how loud everything was back home. Streets maintained a steady flow of cars, his sister, the dog, phones ringing; none of that bothered him. Granite Falls; managed by rangers, Mandy was on duty and happy to assist him with the tent. Bathroom, a small wooden and stone shack, a composting toilet and cold water shower; his skin crawled at the sight of flies buzzing close to the entrance, but it was another outdoor adventure he would learn to endure.


Patrick settled, skewering his sausages above an open fire; he glanced at his phone, the signal had been intermittent but relieved Charlotte got his message. Despite her panic for the mock exams; their argument that morning, the teacher had contacted her, commending her essay and how she could look to complete her senior year with the top grade. He felt jealous; both his sisters had superior minds, his final grade was a B, a disappointing end to the year. Charlotte had tapped numerous messages eager to know how he was; Patrick sighed his achievement that day amounted to a tent and half-cooked sausages, he hoped the weekend would bring success as he tried fishing.

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