Eliza: Not so Rosy

Part One Freedom had its price; learning to manage her finances, school work, and neighbours was a balancing act; despite planning her escape, Eliza came unprepared for life in the city. The noise seemed louder; for retired people, they knew how to party, her request to turn the music down, met with rude comments andContinue reading “Eliza: Not so Rosy”

Emilie: My Daughter

Ziva needed discretion; accepting the role meant a limit to sharing information; she held the phone, fingers poised. Eliza had disappeared for a reason; Ziva wondered if Eliza was ready? This call would force her from hiding, to confront the parents and why she choose to leave. If Ziva had declined the job, she couldContinue reading “Emilie: My Daughter”

Eliza: Breakfree

Eliza breathed the cold night air; essentials packed, money she withdrew through the months of planning hidden in various pockets. She walked quick, Sparky barking in the house; Eliza wished he would be quiet; the noise forced her to move quicker as she saw the bedroom light. The cinema was open, a late-night showing ofContinue reading “Eliza: Breakfree”

Rylan: Gone

The family slept, Sparky barked, howled, pawing the door, Rylan groaned, padding downstairs annoyed at the late hour, assuming it was a toilet emergency, Rylan opened the door. Sparky sniffed, darting towards the road, Rylan hollered, but Sparky disappeared. Emilie had checked the children, Patrick slept obvious to the chaos, and Charlotte cried, frightened sheContinue reading “Rylan: Gone”

Eliza: Piling on the Pressure

High school is nothing like juniors; Eliza excelled in all areas enjoying the work and the escape from home. She thrived on debating; maintaining friendships when they took opposing views was difficult. Eliza’s determined attitude, inherited from her, cost her friends as she learnt to balance this with respect for their opinions. Lee walked herContinue reading “Eliza: Piling on the Pressure”

Eliza: Sparky

Charlotte was going through a morning phase; she believed everyone should be awake at dawn. Running into Eliza’s room, she jumps on the bed, screaming how it was Saturday; they needed to go swimming, have a picnic, and Eliza had to bake her brownies. The excitement of the weekend replaced by Emilie, an exhausted smile,Continue reading “Eliza: Sparky”

Eliza: Birthday Girl

“Don’t wake the Llama” is a game of strategy, a steady hand and luck. Eliza teased the log, aware the Llama already rocked; it sat precarious and stared, daring her to make a mistake. It was her special day; nothing was stopping her from winning, except Charlotte; she glared needing, Eliza to topple the logsContinue reading “Eliza: Birthday Girl”

Eliza: The World At Her Feet

Charlotte refused to play chess, hating how Eliza won every time; she slumped in the chair pouting; arms folded. The game finish with the younger sister swiping the pieces as Eliza reset them. She chose to play doctor; the spoilt brat routine Charlotte performed when losing was tiresome. Speaking of things boring her, the schoolContinue reading “Eliza: The World At Her Feet”

Rylan: Net Worth

Charlotte babbled at Rylan nonsensical words, which infuriated him; she should be making whole sentences. He worried Charlotte was failing to develop grumbling how their third child would suffer in the future because of this. Kneeling, he attempted to teach, having taken no time to encourage her siblings, he struggled to keep her attention. Charlotte’sContinue reading “Rylan: Net Worth”

Eliza: Volunteering, Tantrums, and Extra Credit

Newcrest Junior encouraged parents involvement in extra-school activities, although Emilie felt attendance was compulsory rather than voluntary. She spent days in the kitchen whipping cake mix, creating brownies and cookies all ready for the Bake sale, raising money for sports equipment. The hall, chaotic, with nothing prepared and parents, had arrived with arms full ofContinue reading “Eliza: Volunteering, Tantrums, and Extra Credit”