Eliza: The World At Her Feet

Charlotte refused to play chess, hating how Eliza won every time; she slumped in the chair pouting; arms folded. The game finish with the younger sister swiping the pieces as Eliza reset them. She chose to play doctor; the spoilt brat routine Charlotte performed when losing was tiresome. Speaking of things boring her, the schoolContinue reading “Eliza: The World At Her Feet”

Rylan: Net Worth

Charlotte babbled at Rylan nonsensical words, which infuriated him; she should be making whole sentences. He worried Charlotte was failing to develop grumbling how their third child would suffer in the future because of this. Kneeling, he attempted to teach, having taken no time to encourage her siblings, he struggled to keep her attention. Charlotte’sContinue reading “Rylan: Net Worth”

Eliza: Volunteering, Tantrums, and Extra Credit

Newcrest Junior encouraged parents involvement in extra-school activities, although Emilie felt attendance was compulsory rather than voluntary. She spent days in the kitchen whipping cake mix, creating brownies and cookies all ready for the Bake sale, raising money for sports equipment. The hall, chaotic, with nothing prepared and parents, had arrived with arms full ofContinue reading “Eliza: Volunteering, Tantrums, and Extra Credit”

Eliza: Play it Loud

Big blue tearful eyes, pouting pink lips and unlike her siblings a mop of soft blonde hair, Charlotte wrapped her parents in her tiny hands. Every whim Charlotte demanded met, or the consequences for her parents were a headache, tantrums at all hours. When peaceful, Charlotte seemed inquisitive, exploring her surroundings, when she thinks noContinue reading “Eliza: Play it Loud”

Rylan: Settling into Family Life…?

Emilie felt redundant, Eliza took up responsibility for teaching her brother new things. She came home excited to tell him all she learned, giving guidance when building block towers and reading to him to help with his language skills. Patrick watched her leave for school, arm stretched high, waving frantically, and when she was dueContinue reading “Rylan: Settling into Family Life…?”

Eliza: Artistic Growth

Rylan looked in on Eliza, an appreciation for art and music had skipped a generation, he reviewed the chaos that was her creative space. Crumpled paper, broken crayons, stolen macaroni, Eliza would tidy up when her perfected masterpiece, covered in glitter got blue tacked to the wall. Her father seemed relieved the scribbles confined, herContinue reading “Eliza: Artistic Growth”

Rylan and Eliza: Charity Over His Baby Girl

Emilie watched as Eliza climbed onto the dining room chair, staring through the window waiting for her father. She was proud, Rylan had submitted a selection of short stories to Reading Nooks, a local publishing house, and they had offered him a deal. Eliza understood, she wanted to give him a chocolate cake, and aContinue reading “Rylan and Eliza: Charity Over His Baby Girl”

Eliza and Patrick: Food

Getting toddlers to savour new foods could be a challenge, Eliza was adamant regarding what textures passed her lips, Patrick wanted everything. Rylan surrendered to Eliza, she knew her mind, chocolate made its way to her plate to keep her quiet. It was his fault, describing spaghetti as worms, the olives that topped the tacoContinue reading “Eliza and Patrick: Food”

Rylan and Eliza: Bored Fans make Daddy mean

Inspiration, when it hits, it demands attention, keeping Rylan awake at night, things change this voice in his head was silent. Ideas for his videos were boring his fans, echoed by his procrastination. Producing regular videos, exhausting, add Eliza, she gnawed at his frayed nerves, forcing him to shout when she turned on the stereo.Continue reading “Rylan and Eliza: Bored Fans make Daddy mean”

Rylan and Ziva: The New Baby

Ziva’s jogging came under pressure, the cat colony preservation, babysitting Eliza, and work commitments, she felt exhausted. Eliza enjoyed feeding the cats and was often distracted by dogs chasing about, keen to take them home. While the strays seemed friendly, Ziva worried how they may react to the overzealous toddler. A reduction in takeaway andContinue reading “Rylan and Ziva: The New Baby”