Eliza: Good Life Guilt

Eliza developed an increased sense of guilt; her life had improved through the years. There was the contract with San Myshuno Warriors; a place on their starting line-up. Her position as an all-star player would help the team in the Sim Nation play-offs for the central region. The coach prided themselves on the notion that they would get the coveted trophy. Their plan is to put San Myshuno Warriors at the front of everyone’s minds for the future.


Eliza wanted to celebrate the wonder that was now her life. She had come a long way, from renting to purchasing an apartment. A grin plastered on her face as she crushed on the red-headed neighbour. Milly teased encouragement to ask her over for dinner one evening. There were other areas keeping her grounded. She adapted to her role as guardian to her cousin Milly. Their prior relationship made the transition easier, at least for Eliza. It made her question if she should pursue romance. Since meeting Scarlett, Eliza found thoughts distracting, wondering how she might approach them. Milly was astute, but both knew Eliza would continue to hope for an accidental meeting in the hallway.

The relationship with her siblings remained strained. Patrick spoke to her about their nieces and his job. He was grateful for Eliza’s recommendation, the fresh air and plant life agreed with him. As for Charlotte, no one had heard from her. Eliza got a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. She understood why her disappearance broke her mother’s heart. Eliza often entertained how things could have worked if she had stayed home. Would they have noticed Charlotte struggled with the loss of their parents? It was the city visit where Charlotte met Caleb; had Eliza not moved here, would their paths have crossed? It was not something they could change, but Eliza believed herself responsible. She failed to care for her siblings and be a positive influence on them. With renewed determination, Eliza wanted to be a force of good in Milly and her niece’s lives.

The summer heat brought a host of new problems for Milly. In Brindleton Bay, her hair was windswept, in San Myshuno, thick heavy curls were a nightmare. Aside from them sticking to her neck, the frizz factor meant the other teens laughed. If she had stuck her wet fingers in a plug socket it might have been a good reason why she looked a mess. Milly loved her long hair, it made a great pillow when she dozed on the sofa. Eliza opted for a complete change, the short style suited her and was far more practical on the field. The hairdresser poked Milly’s tangled mop, wishing she could shave it off and start over. Instead, she handed over to a colleague who set to work on preparing the hair for the intricate braids. Milly winced as the hair pulled tight, the micro braids took hours making her wonder if it was worth doing. Her head ached and the weight and flow of her new hairstyle would take some getting used to. Sleep proved difficult, a night time routine of twisting and wrapping. Milly laughed at the silk bonnet but this would protect them for the next eight weeks.

Diya and Eliza

The building manager Diya seemed approachable. Eliza wondered why she worked for a company with a questionable reputation. Whenever there was an issue, she was on hand to fix electric cables and water pipes. The main complaint was the constant breaking of the garbage disposal. Eliza knew the building had limitations, but the garbage shoot broke every week. Diya accepted the problem; she said it gave her an excuse to get to know the building’s occupants. Of course, this included seeing the completed work on Eliza’s apartment. She gazed impressed with the layout; the space came alive, giving a sense of warmth. When Eliza was ready to sell up, the inviting nature created would fetch her a nice profit. Eliza wondered if they were looking to get rid of her already. The work had been a nuisance and at times an inconvenience. Diya laughed at the concerns; Eliza was welcome to stay. She shifted her feet; while she was not there to evict Eliza, she needed to inform her about their cat. Libby had decided her last moments were on a neighbour’s fresh laundry. Arrangements for the cremation were thanks to Mr Carrington, who sent his condolences. Eliza looked confused; Diya explained how he was a huge fan of San Myshuno Warriors. Mr Carrington hoped this was one less worry for its star player.

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