Ziva: Milly Cavanagh-Grace

Getting pregnant had been a breeze; it came as a surprise, despite the awkwardness Vicky succeeded on the first attempt; destiny smiled in favour of the couple, at least Ziva believed this. The months that followed were difficult; Vicky suffered, first and second trimester brought nausea, several days of stomach upsets and irritation with everythingContinue reading “Ziva: Milly Cavanagh-Grace”

Ziva: Our Desire, Our Love, Our Future

They took their seats in the restaurant; Vicky slid her hand into Ziva’s beneath the table, nervous at how Rylan would react. Ziva began with a pleasant conversation, enquiries on how Eliza was finding high school and Emilie’s fears regarding Patrick starting school. Rylan knew Ziva had something to say, rare his sister was coy,Continue reading “Ziva: Our Desire, Our Love, Our Future”

Ziva: Now and Forever

Ziva took a breath, reminded herself, take each task in hand; the next fortnight would be a challenge, the long-awaited vows at the end worth every ounce of stress. She had dreamt of the chapel her parents wed; plans were to knock it down, make room for a gym or burger joint, the irony lostContinue reading “Ziva: Now and Forever”

Vicky: Home for the Heart

Stepping onto the porch, a deep breath of cool sea air; the gentle breeze tickled, Fiona jumped excitedly, ready for her walk with Vicky. She’d made a healthy breakfast, coffee by the bed to wake Ziva, and looked to the best part of the day. Ziva groaned; years of parties meant she hated mornings, VickyContinue reading “Vicky: Home for the Heart”

Ziva: Amends

Ziva feels scrutinised as her ageing body wobbled and stamped the treadmill under the cats gaze, judging her ability. Maintaining good fitness was paramount to her career, hoping it would come with some weight loss, but Ziva loved food and refused to compromise on her diet. Ignoring her audience, Ziva took a deep breath, addingContinue reading “Ziva: Amends”

Ziva: Love Breeds Love

Ziva skips to her treadmill, her body feeling lighter with every date she and Vicky have. Patches lick her paw; she had been staying home, indulging in food, begging for and receiving plenty of chicken. The kitty was plump, lazy and reminded Ziva so much of herself; the machine burst into life; Patches leapt, circledContinue reading “Ziva: Love Breeds Love”

Ziva: First Date

The Chez Llama, the place Aria spoke with affectionate, how Jose would don his salmon pink shirt, black tie and take her for dinner. Her mother believed it made the perfect place to take a lover or potential one. Rylan agreed, the opportunity to wine and dine Emilie; she accepted his proposal and, in hisContinue reading “Ziva: First Date”

Ziva: Vicky Cavanagh

Ziva squeezed into her cropped jeans wanting to look her best, her conversations with Vicky were amazing, she ended each feeling high, happy and eager for the next. She shook loose her thick black hair admiring herself, signing heavily, she checked the time, a shower would have been great, except she was late leaving. LooseningContinue reading “Ziva: Vicky Cavanagh”

Ziva: French Toast Romance

Ziva moved, sofa, kitchen porch, unable to settle her nerves, the paper sticking to her sweaty fingers, shaking as she dialled the number. A cheerful voice greeted her, followed by a surprised and nervous giggle, as Ziva explained tripped her words, rushing to explain who she was. Vicky’s voice gave Ziva goosebumps, her confidence cameContinue reading “Ziva: French Toast Romance”