Ziva and Rylan: Life’s Winter

Rylan hugged everyone with a brief squeeze, moving swift to the fire with numb fingers. He gave a pleasant albeit awkward smile, disappointed in Eliza’s distant nature, Rylan hoped they were improving, but as Emilie reminded him, it takes a long time to heal. Eliza was thawing, wishing the train had been on time andContinue reading “Ziva and Rylan: Life’s Winter”

Ziva: On the Eve on Winterfest

The big family gathering was all Ziva could think of as they decorated the tree; the snow outside seemed to have other plans as Vicky took another call with her brother declining their invitation. She struggled to hide her disappointment as their family decided the blizzard conditions forecast were risky. Their coastal home welcomed strongContinue reading “Ziva: On the Eve on Winterfest”