Ziva: A Celebration of a Single Woman

Listening to Emilie, she realised how relationships tested emotions, at least that with her brother. Emilie thought through every detail of what she and Rylan said during quarrels. Ziva braced herself against the sea breeze, wrapping her coat tight, these walks helped to unwind, the ocean reminding her she was a duck at the edgeContinue reading “Ziva: A Celebration of a Single Woman”

Ziva: Nerd Brain Aspiration

It had been ages, Ziva grooved, the dancefloor filled, friends, their partners, strangers, she missed these crazy nights. A couple of drink loosens the crowd, her eyes watered as the light show illuminated them, ears ringing, DJ BoomKitty’s bass throbbed through the chest wall, making the crowd its slave. Ziva allowed herself few extra drinks,Continue reading “Ziva: Nerd Brain Aspiration”

Rylan and Eliza: Bored Fans make Daddy mean

Inspiration, when it hits, it demands attention, keeping Rylan awake at night, things change this voice in his head was silent. Ideas for his videos were boring his fans, echoed by his procrastination. Producing regular videos, exhausting, add Eliza, she gnawed at his frayed nerves, forcing him to shout when she turned on the stereo.Continue reading “Rylan and Eliza: Bored Fans make Daddy mean”

Rylan: Don’t Mess with the Yummy Mummy

Patrick watched, listened, he gurgled when his mum rushed to his side, she looked hassled, torn, wanting to nurse him, but needed too by her demanding daughter. Being a quiet baby, Emilie worried she was missing key caring and nurturing opportunities, that he would feel neglected if she spent her time with his sister. ParentingContinue reading “Rylan: Don’t Mess with the Yummy Mummy”

Rylan and Ziva: The New Baby

Ziva’s jogging came under pressure, the cat colony preservation, babysitting Eliza, and work commitments, she felt exhausted. Eliza enjoyed feeding the cats and was often distracted by dogs chasing about, keen to take them home. While the strays seemed friendly, Ziva worried how they may react to the overzealous toddler. A reduction in takeaway andContinue reading “Rylan and Ziva: The New Baby”

Ziva: Animal Care

When it came to her cats, Ziva went above and beyond, her meals were bland, simple and if distracted, burnt. The cats had the finest gourmet dishes prepared for them, the taster was Patches, she purred, sat upon the fridge staring down at Ziva’s efforts. Dark chicken meat, reserved from the Sunday Roast, rice, potatoContinue reading “Ziva: Animal Care”

Rylan: Emilie – Being Mum

Her role as mum has its moments, when she questions her choices, ability, punishes herself for being the worse and forgets to remember when doing her best that no-one will ever love her daughter the way she can. Eliza showed from the start her will is strong, her defiance when told “no”, Emilie cringed, theContinue reading “Rylan: Emilie – Being Mum”

Ziva: A Bleak Romance?

Kicking off her shoes, Ziva slumped on the sofa, her cats vying for her lap, she sighed letting them decide. Patches padded in a circular motion twice, settling triumphant, Asher resigned himself to resting his head on Ziva’s knee to enjoy a head scratch. This was a regular evening unless she had a party toContinue reading “Ziva: A Bleak Romance?”

Ziva: Asher

Benefits for her revised lifestyle, should have included a trimmer figure, improved moods, decreased stress, perhaps heart health, however, her regular jog got her some inquisitive attention from the small furry kind. A tortoiseshell cat followed her home and he seemed intent on staying. Ziva saw him as she jogged by a cold campfire, heContinue reading “Ziva: Asher”

Rylan: Bubbles

Emilie failed to recall her last night of partying, with pregnancy and being unable to slip comfortably into her favourite dress it felt like a long time. She leaned back across the bed, wriggling, holding her stomach, begging the zip to close. Slender frame adjusted following the introduction of her daughter who Eliza waved herContinue reading “Rylan: Bubbles”