Charlotte: …Forever?

Caleb’s cold skin pressed to her absorbing its warmth, heart rapid at his touch. His teeth lengthened, sinking into flesh. Blood as it trickled along her collarbone, dripped down to her breasts. This pleasure, his desire, made her defenceless, and Charlotte wanted him to devour her. She pulled the duvet tighter around her, body twisted against the vision. A breathless echo through the hall summoned Caleb back to her and the physical realm. He passed through the house in a blur. Despite Patrick ordering Caleb to leave, he remained in the shadows. He sense her arousal, Charlotte woke; her lustful hands reached for him. Caleb laughed, allowing her to climb onto his lap. Kisses pushed him down, as she took control of his body, nibbling his ear. He relaxed, it was clear as she unbuttoned his trousers, she was feeling better.

Charlotte and Caleb

They cuddled in the aftermath, Caleb stroked her hair, her head resting against his chest. Charlotte was ready. She knew the risks, the possibility that Caleb could drain her completely. A fear his inner demon would seize control. Her body may reject the transition, and become another of the stories. Half turned humans, their bodies decaying, blood poisoned, neither living nor undead. This only scratched the surface of the challenges she may face. Vampire blood emphasised qualities and traits within the host, and the sun may be forever lost to her. Her desire remained strong, to become his eternal mate, and see the world as it changed. Charlotte wanted to rest in his arms as the final sunrise burnt her and the world to a crisp and life was no more.

The decision tore Caleb, the warmth of his human lovers, having to leave them when a need for a family became their priority. The innocent charm of Charlotte, her decision to let him take her, mark her, claim her as his own. He could not imagine a world where she was not in it. To make her a vampire, skin cold, a heart that could break yet never beat, they would be forever linked, and Charlotte already felt his presence. He took her hands, wanting to share his world with her, but it was a conversation for another day; being a vampire does not suit everyone, and the cure was hard to find.

Nausea returned; Charlotte wanted to avoid admitting her sister was right. In the basement of her home, Charlotte shared her thoughts in her diary. They took precautions; while always foolproof, Charlotte had hoped they were enough. She rubbed her stomach to settle another wave, wishing she could eat something else, uncertain her baby would grow on a diet of dry toast and ginger biscuits.

Charlotte and Caleb

Caleb’s throat dried, unsure how to respond. He had imagined a new generation of vampire children, ones trained from birth and able to control their thirst. Charlotte wanted to continue, for him to turn her, but raising human offspring in a vampire world was forbidden, the complications were immense and heartbreaking. He had ignored Vlads warnings as a youngling, choosing to pretend he was human. As his wife and child aged, questions and suspicions saw him almost held at dawn. Vlad stepped in taking him away, it broke his heart unable to see either again. His last human mate asked him to gift her with a family, she was getting old and unsure she would meet another love. These children were raised, aware of their heritage, they came looking for him in their late teens. Their relationship was one of friendship and to keep the secret called him Caleb.

Caleb found it difficult to conceal his disappointment, his voice broke as he ask what she needed. Assurances that he would take her as his mate were not forthcoming, Charlotte’s eyes stung, pushing from his embrace. Their future was full of uncertainty and difficult questions as for the second time in his life, Caleb was not ready to walk away. Love might not be always enough, but Charlotte needed his reassurance as worse was to come. How did she explain to Eliza and Patrick at seventeen, that she was pregnant?

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