Milly: Jealousy

TW: Milly’s story contains Coercive Behaviour.

The waistline expansion and her new look were the least of her worries. Milly locked the bathroom door running the shower as she peed onto the tiny white stick. A friend at work mentioned the changes in her body. Milly had irregular cycles, so it never occurred to her to check. Besides, Hunter had assured her the ‘pull out’ method worked just fine. She never considered the use of extra precautions. Milly discussed taking a contraceptive pill with her doctor. Eliza encouraged this, going with her to appointments, but Milly tended to forget. Half-taken packets, tossed into her bedside table. Months of ignoring the reminders from her phone. Two minutes is an eternity. The relief at the appearance of one line within the first minute evaporated. As her phone chimed for the second, a faint line crossed. The tears she held back from seeing the dramatic changes to her look flooded her eyes. Hunter spoke of their dreams, buying a house, getting married and raising a family. He agreed to a year, maybe two, and they would have mini-versions of themselves. She splashed cold water on her face, unprepared for motherhood.

She stepped out to laughter. Scarlett relaxed with a coffee, sharing comedic references with Azure. Their neighbour thrived on fitness. He qualified as a personal trainer in his twenties. Ten years later Azure secured the position of trainer for the San Myshuno Warriors. Milly helped herself to sandwiches, joining them at the table. Azure had striking blue eyes which held hers for a few seconds. His lip maintained a soft rising curl in a moment, which Hunter shattered. Azure dropped his head before resuming his conversation with Scarlett.

Hunter, his body tensed, had caught the perceived connection Milly and Azure shared. He stomped, dropping himself into the chair next to Azure, eyes burning into Milly. Inserting himself into the conversation was to draw the attention away from Azure. Milly’s focus changed depending on who spoke. Hunter believed if Milly looked at Azure, her attention and love were being drawn by another. As Scarlett said goodbye to Azure, they could hear a change in tone. Hunter grabbed Milly, leading her to the bedroom. Scarlett felt their chest tighten, making them question if they should intervene.

The words tightened, straining in the throat, with narrowed eyes and lips snarling. Hunter reminded her of a rabid animal salivating at its prey. She betrayed him, making eyes at another man. He demanded to know how long Milly had led them both on. Did she not realise men were creatures of habit? Her curves, breasts, those baby doll green eyes, the effect she had on a man and his desires. Their emotions were not a toy. Hunter held open his hand, demanding her phone. He flung it across the room, dismissing her claims Azure had never texted or called her. The phone lay broken, the cracked fuzzy screen and a dent in the wall where it hit.

Milly felt her heart pounding in her chest, and the blood rushing to her ears made the world sound muffled. Hands trembled, fiddling with her clothes. The bed beneath offered limited comfort as a whispered voice pleaded forgiveness. Hunter was silent. She followed his gaze to the bedside table where the positive stick lay. Time slowed; he picked it up, considering the weight of its promise. Milly felt obliged to reassure him the baby was theirs. Hunter stumbled, taking a seated position beside her, his arms embracing. Hunter kissed her, apologising for his jealous outburst. He understood pregnancy hormones make women do crazy things. They needed to stay strong together. Hunter could protect her from unwanted advances. When Azure or any other man was on the receiving end of her look, he would show the world Milly belonged to him.

Milly and Hunter

If you are affected by the issues raised in Milly’s story

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