Eliza: The Proposal

Eliza breathed the salty air filling her lungs, and for a moment, she believed herself deaf. Gone were the traffic and revving engines. Horns blaring, loud and intruding on thoughts. Voices from the street and apartments were a distant memory. She could feel the years of city life weighing her down, affecting her posture. Her neck held stiff, her shoulder muscles were tight. There were deep knots the team’s massage therapist failed to soothe. Eliza opened her eyes to the endless diamond sky kissing the rippling waters. Cicadas chirped, their song accompanied by the gentle lapping of the southern sea. Tartosa offered warmth and comfort to weary city travellers in winter. Snow fell in the city; large flakes threatened to end the weekend escape. Eliza leaned back, wondering if pirates frequented these shores. Where treasures, hidden on the beaches below awaited discovery.

Scarlett approached, their elegant frame feminine and beautiful. Eliza wondered if Scarlett would ever wear a dress. She found herself jealous of their curves. By contrast, Eliza was straight, a firm pencil with two bumps for breasts. Her figure was perfect for sprinting, tackling and manoeuvring on the field. There were no complaints from Scarlett. She leaned back on the table, the salty air mixed with the scent of Scarlett. A mix of mandarin, bergamot and vanilla, there was a reason they call this fragrance ‘obsession’. Eliza’s head filled with a dreamy haze. The logical thoughts of exposure to the world, lost as Scarlett’s tongue swept across hers. Their fingers chilled the skin beneath Eliza’s top. Her back pressed against the cold wood table. Both surrender to this kiss and the wonders night brings.

Tartosa invoked the romance in Scarlett. They were awkward with public affection; holding hands in the city was a rarity. Eliza loved them regardless. She put aside her desire to embrace Scarlett whenever they were out. Scarlett laced their fingers with Eliza’s, making a beeline for the cake shop. It was true anything sweet was a way to Eliza’s heart. Years of training gave her ample opportunity to indulge in her favourite delights. They selected a variety of cakes, savouring each one. The flavours popped, and the buttery icing melted in their mouths. The sponge was delicate, light and fluffy. A cloud carrying an explosion. A tall cake with a Toffee sponge and drizzled with a sweet sticky sauce. Three layers of a vanilla sponge filled with raspberries and white chocolate cream. A final indulgence of Orange and Poppyseed. A cream cheese frosting completed this decadence. The second slice, Eliza needed to resist the temptation of asking for the recipe. Instead, she hoped they could return for another before going home.

Scarlett seemed quieter, freeing their hand as their feet touched the sand. They were born in Sulani, a true Island Native who fled to the city to discover their true passion. When questioned about their life before San Myshuno, Scarlett answered in brief. They remained guard over their past. Scarlett trusted Eliza. It was enough to share how their parents died in a volcanic explosion. Details were sparse, along with their life after. Scarlett believed in looking ahead. They planned to live in Sulani and open a restaurant named Serenity after their mother.

Eliza knew she needed a flexible career, a role which allowed her to work anywhere in the world. She had relied upon her wits as a teen, taking her first job in manual labour. Tryouts gave her a dream career in sports. Scarlett needed to be a part of any decision she made going forward. Although Sulani seemed a world away from her family, Eliza knew Scarlett was the future. Both her mother and Aunt Ziva made a career in computer programming. Eliza invested in private classes at the community centre. Her results were impressive. Despite her lack of computer experience, the tutor offered to fast-track her. As a Project Manager, Eliza would take a massive pay cut, a quarter of her current earnings. The role included extensive training, and working from Sulani would be an option.

Eliza slipped off her shoes, dipping her toe to check the chill factor. It was warmer than expected as she let the wave cleanse her feet, ankles and shins. Scarlett wrote in the sand, drawing Eliza’s curiosity, wiping the damp grains on their jeans. Eliza admired the work, a heart containing their initials. At the centre, Scarlett placed a petite diamond ring. Scarlett stood and leaned closer, taking her hand. Wherever life took them, Scarlett hoped they would do so together.

Eliza and Scarlett https://www.patreon.com/posts/78622558

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