Aria: A Fresh Start

Leonne Grace (front, centre) was the third generation of her known family. Her grandmother Athena Grace was brought up in an orphanage just outside Oasis Springs. Nothing is known about where she came from or why she found herself alone in this world, but she chose a life that would influence daughter and granddaughter. It was one that revolved around her family, something Athena had craved her whole life. She never married but had several children who she inspired to follow their dreams. Leonne’s mother Joanna shared the big family dream which only Leonne followed and neither of them felt like settling with a husband, only the desire to have children.

Buffy-Anne (back, centre) had been ill most of her life. It was fitting that when she came of age, she jumped at the chance to travel. Her ticket to the world outside was through medicine as she pursued her career as a doctor. She travelled to far flung places where contact with the rest of the world was often difficult. It wasn’t long before she seemed to have all but vanished from Leonne’s life. It devastated her not knowing where her daughter was, or if she was alright; this made her far more protective of her younger children.

The younger siblings were sets of twins, Parker (back, right) and Wesley (back, left). Parker hated being told what to do, having been a straight A student in school, Leonne had high hopes for her son. He had genius, wit and excelled in whatever he set his mind to. He was however unkind to his youngest sister Aria due to her shy and quiet demeanour. He also fell in with some bad people, his first crime, saw him let off with a warning, something Leonne hoped he would learn from; unfortunately, this was not the case. He was clever, learning from his errors, he became a master criminal in no time, and this devastated his mother, Leonne, to the core, how could she be failing her family. His twin Wesley was far more settled, he had watched his mother in the kitchen, helping her bake, and prepare food. She had inspired at least one of her children to cook and enjoy the experience. Wesley had big dreams of owning and running his own restaurant, but for now he found happiness working in someone else’s kitchen.

The youngest twins, Tara (front, left) and Aria (front, right) were also polar opposites. Tara was outgoing, outspoken and wanted to experience everything the world had to offer. She never remained in one place for too long; she didn’t like to put down roots. Once she understood the basics of something or someone, she moved on to the next challenge. Leonne found this sad, because her daughter could achieve so much if she just persevered, but she also found it amusing, as Tara always became so animated when she started her next venture.

Aria Grace was a quite child, she loved to draw and play the violin. Although Wesley and Tara adored her, neither spent much time with her so Aria always stayed close to their mother. Leonne could see so much of herself in Aria, but she wanted to break the chain of simply focusing on a life around children. Leonne entrusted the family home to Wesley and took Aria from the desert lands of Oasis Springs to the lush green space of Newcrest, hoping the change of scenery and the distance from her siblings would draw her out of her shell. Leonne actively encouraged Aria towards an active career path, something more stable than being an artist

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