Charlotte: Crush

Despite Eliza’s many visits in the weeks following their father’s death, presents remained unopened; the decorations hung solemn, a stark reminder of Winterfest. Emilie retreated, grieved in solitude; Charlotte made an unkind remark, Rylan was neither husband nor father, he was a man whose time belonged to himself. Her mother, tired of arguments, kept distancingContinue reading “Charlotte: Crush”

Vicky: Rocks in the Storm

Silence, as Grim disappeared through the black smoke, the family stood in shock. Simon rested a firm, supportive hand on Vicky’s shoulder as she continued to cling to Alexis, her life raft in the grieving sea. The festive tunes cut through the din, prompting Liam to hit mute. Outside, snow fell, the distant sea lapped,Continue reading “Vicky: Rocks in the Storm”

Rylan: Yellow Snow and Doggy Gifts

Rylan smiled; Eliza munched a sugar cookie; his cocky attitude at knowing she would apologise was a hard swallow. She came because Emilie asked; another Winterfest of Rylan and her bickering, Charlotte crying, and Patrick doing some solo activity in his bedroom; Eliza needed to step down, accept her part in disrupting family life. HerContinue reading “Rylan: Yellow Snow and Doggy Gifts”

Charlotte: Dark, Twisty and Buried

“It’s a phase”; “You’ll grow out of it”; “Why can’t you be normal?”; to Charlotte, these were her parents saying conform to our expectations; Eliza refused, moved to another city to escape the oppression. It was Charlotte’s turn to explore her desires and her interest in the night. Rylan confiscated her book on vampire lore,Continue reading “Charlotte: Dark, Twisty and Buried”

Eliza: A Time To Heal

The apartment repairs failed to transpire; alongside her unwelcome houseguests, a rotten egg smell came from the floor vent. Nothing made Eliza feel as sick as the scene that greeted her at breakfast, a cockroach made it into her fridge and made themselves at home on her leftover spaghetti. She checked the shower, hoping noneContinue reading “Eliza: A Time To Heal”

Emilie: Torn Apart

The name “Eliza”, forbidden, Rylan refused to back down or discuss making amends with their daughter. He had disowned her; exclaiming it was her who needed to grovel, seek forgiveness from the family until she did, he had done with her. Emilie sobbed; the family she’d worked so hard to create, torn; the hostility withinContinue reading “Emilie: Torn Apart”

Eliza: Cockroach Dinner

Choices considered; Eliza picked an apartment that would work with her limited budget. Rent control meant undesirable apartments, the one she rented came with a host of unwelcome guests. Emilie offered to find another apartment, make regular payments to help cover the rent, but Eliza declined, determined to prove she could survive alone. She preferredContinue reading “Eliza: Cockroach Dinner”

Charlotte: Popular, Yet Alone

Patrick slammed his bedroom door; Charlotte pulled her head back to avoid the hit, she asked if he wanted to play the monster, but his mood remained icy. Rylan told them to disown Eliza; if she was so inclined to avoid them, he believed they should give her the distance she desired, complete isolation. TheContinue reading “Charlotte: Popular, Yet Alone”

Eliza: Not so Rosy

Part Two Rylan wanted to discuss inside; her stubbornness matched him as they continued staring, the cold, stale smell of the hall adding to the discomfort. Eliza broke the silence, reiterating she would be remaining in the city, finishing High School and in a place she felt was home. He seethed, words growled within him,Continue reading “Eliza: Not so Rosy”

Eliza: Not so Rosy

Part One Freedom had its price; learning to manage her finances, school work, and neighbours was a balancing act; despite planning her escape, Eliza came unprepared for life in the city. The noise seemed louder; for retired people, they knew how to party, her request to turn the music down, met with rude comments andContinue reading “Eliza: Not so Rosy”