Patrick: Bearded Responsibility

Comment on how he looked like Rylan saw Patrick decide a beard would be a good look as he celebrated his eighteenth birthday. The additional insult came with the birthday party that failed to transpire. His friends preferred the new club in Windenberg, leaving his costume themed evening after paying their respects and shoving giftsContinue reading “Patrick: Bearded Responsibility”

Eliza: Love Day

Eliza set her sights on the dream; her role changed from oversized mascot to cheerleader, and a coveted team position, was in sight after a conversation with the manager. He observed her, the team spirit, energy and effort she was putting in to master the drills. Long term, Eliza needed to consider her future, unsureContinue reading “Eliza: Love Day”

Milly: What is Normal?

Normal had come with an abundance of chaos; in their former life, Ziva would take Fiona walking, Vicky prepared breakfast, and Milly brought the chaos. Their daughter chased the cats, splashed water in the bathroom or would have the sudden recollection her was homework was incomplete. Since Winterfest, Vicky struggled to find the motivation; MillyContinue reading “Milly: What is Normal?”

Charlotte: “The Talk”

Part One Charlotte knew, zero doubts in her mind that she had, at the tender age of sixteen, met the man, her eternal partner. Heartbeat rapid, cheeks glowed, a text from him made her float, the joy she spread infected the house. Emilie mused; Charlotte proclaimed to love a man she had met twice. HeContinue reading “Charlotte: “The Talk””

Patrick: Kiss Me Quick

Distracted, Patrick’s room remained unpacked as he courted Gemma. He had watched her, nerves getting the better of him each time he tried to ask her on a date. Homework failed to inspire the romantic vibes intended but determined to make it work in his favour. Emilie pulled a pan from the box, feeling theirContinue reading “Patrick: Kiss Me Quick”

Charlotte: Crush

Despite Eliza’s many visits in the weeks following their father’s death, presents remained unopened; the decorations hung solemn, a stark reminder of Winterfest. Emilie retreated, grieved in solitude; Charlotte made an unkind remark, Rylan was neither husband nor father, he was a man whose time belonged to himself. Her mother, tired of arguments, kept distancingContinue reading “Charlotte: Crush”

Vicky: Rocks in the Storm

Silence, as Grim disappeared through the black smoke, the family stood in shock. Simon rested a firm, supportive hand on Vicky’s shoulder as she continued to cling to Alexis, her life raft in the grieving sea. The festive tunes cut through the din, prompting Liam to hit mute. Outside, snow fell, the distant sea lapped,Continue reading “Vicky: Rocks in the Storm”

Ziva and Rylan: Life’s Winter

Rylan hugged everyone with a brief squeeze, moving swift to the fire with numb fingers. He gave a pleasant albeit awkward smile, disappointed in Eliza’s distant nature, Rylan hoped they were improving, but as Emilie reminded him, it takes a long time to heal. Eliza was thawing, wishing the train had been on time andContinue reading “Ziva and Rylan: Life’s Winter”

Ziva: On the Eve on Winterfest

The big family gathering was all Ziva could think of as they decorated the tree; the snow outside seemed to have other plans as Vicky took another call with her brother declining their invitation. She struggled to hide her disappointment as their family decided the blizzard conditions forecast were risky. Their coastal home welcomed strongContinue reading “Ziva: On the Eve on Winterfest”

Rylan: Yellow Snow and Doggy Gifts

Rylan smiled; Eliza munched a sugar cookie; his cocky attitude at knowing she would apologise was a hard swallow. She came because Emilie asked; another Winterfest of Rylan and her bickering, Charlotte crying, and Patrick doing some solo activity in his bedroom; Eliza needed to step down, accept her part in disrupting family life. HerContinue reading “Rylan: Yellow Snow and Doggy Gifts”