Daciana: Break Point

Patrick would give anything to swap places with Daciana. The pain in her body and the waves of fever were a lot for a child to cope with. He made the situation worse after Daciana overheard his harsh words with Charlotte. It was a conversation unmeant for young ears. Patrick believed Daciana’s condition was punishment for his sister mating with the undead. The existence of all their children disrupted the natural order of life. Caleb intervened, but the final note they took was to remain a part. Daciana wondered what Patrick meant by the undead. Were they not all alive?

The few years her parents tried to bond with her and Luliana were nothing. They were happy to wash their hand of the mistake. She read the situation, believing Patrick was an unwilling father figure. Charlotte had vanished, and Patrick had to step into a role. Daciana knew Patrick cared. He loved her and Luliana. At least, it is what she needed to believe as Charlotte and Caleb hurried out of their lives.

The sensation began as a churning, a familiar sensation and often followed by the urge to vomit. A rapid heartbeat accompanied the pounding in her head. Her tightened chest forced out a scream. Her feet stomped, fists clenched at her side thrashed against her legs. When enraged, knowledge gets ripped apart, questioned, and truths altered to fit. Daciana was a burden to those around her. Unwanted by her parents. A body damaged by an unknown entity seeking to punish the one who gave birth to her. Patrick lumbered with her and Luliana, sacrificed everything. Daciana no longer wondered if he resented it, she knew he did. How could Patrick want her? He had planned to travel. Life for everyone would improve if she never existed.

Patrick reached for her, arms stretched, begging her to stop. Daciana backed herself against the wall, screaming with each step he took. He could tell her anything he wanted; Daciana knew the truth. Whatever she was, nobody could love her. She glared over at her sister, resenting her healthy appearance and appetite. Luliana loved her life here; she wanted to believe the lies. She lived in a fantasy world where things were roses and peaches. It will come as a crushing blow when she realises nothing in this world is the way it should be.

Leticia was next on Daciana’s verbal hit list. Motherhood thrust upon her, Daciana needed no such pretence. Daciana had too many adults thinking they knew what was best for her. Sure, when Leticia marries Patrick, she will be family by marriage, and then what? What happens when they have children? She and Luliana would become underpaid babysitters. Parents will shun them once again in favour of someone else.

Her legs trembled as she fought to stay upright by pressing her back against the wall. The breathing grew erratic, a desperate need for oxygen. Her head spun, and her vision blurred. Patrick wrapped his arms around her, breaking the fall. She lay limp in his arms. Leticia placed a hand on Luliana, who paused before accepting the hug. Patrick sobbed, kissing Daciana’s head. She was his little girl, and nothing said in anger would change this.

Daciana solo pose https://www.patreon.com/posts/70729664?pr=true

Parent/Child poses https://joannebernice.tumblr.com/post/157355089214/i-need-my-mummy-pose-pack/amp

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