Rylan: FIRED!

Rylan overheard a conversation, two of the senior executives discussed expenses. They were laughing, the pair suggesting a significant fortune of falsified receipts were keeping them in high-end shoes and suits. He called Ziva to help him check over the budget for his department. He discovered the dishonesty was limitless even his manager was inContinue reading “Rylan: FIRED!”

Rylan: The Immediate Next Step

The few weeks post-wedding blurred together, Rylan focused on improving his career potential and impressing publishers with a new wave of cybercrime novels. Emilie wanted to distract herself from the upset stomach she had, but friends and new sister-in-law were busy with work. The house was complete, and aside from trolling forums, Emilie felt unsureContinue reading “Rylan: The Immediate Next Step”

Rylan: The Uninvited Guest

The Von Haunt Estate was abuzz with preparations, the budget spent on the venue and Emilie’s perfect dress. Rylan kept the guest list small, Ziva, their usual suspects and a few colleagues from work. Sunlight danced on the water, illuminating the greens, and spray from the waterfall glittered in a flawless display. Summer had blessedContinue reading “Rylan: The Uninvited Guest”

Ziva: All Patched Up

Ziva noticed Patches used to visit daily, however, it had been at least a week since the stray had come by. Worried, Ziva risked being late for work to look for the cat along the usual beach route. She spied a fluffy tail near a bush and ran over, it was another cat, basking in the sun, unimpressed by theContinue reading “Ziva: All Patched Up”

Ziva: Let the world swallow me

Ziva thrived in her career; her ideas earned her recognition both within the company and the industry. She had shown innovative concepts in her most recent program; the development of the software was groundbreaking in online gaming development. Protecting players whilst online from hackers, Ziva knew that her advancement would be a temporary success, asContinue reading “Ziva: Let the world swallow me”

Ziva: Love or Fur

Ziva hated the quiet time, amidst her job and active social life she found herself feeling lonely. Rylan had Emilie waiting for him she had no-one, no company or lover to care if her day was good or bad. She missed her brother, they were words she thought would be the furthest from her mindContinue reading “Ziva: Love or Fur”

Rylan: Mischief and Wedding Plans

Ziva thought she was free of Rylan’s pranks; there had been fewer as he focused on his career and the financial security of his future family. This change gave Emilie room to play her own, shaking up soda cans, plastic bugs in ice cubes, whoopee cushions, all tame antics and taken with good humour byContinue reading “Rylan: Mischief and Wedding Plans”

Rylan: His Perfect Woman

Emilie played the dutiful housewife; she maintained the house, paid the bills from their joint account and thrived on having some time alone. Her cooking, raw or burnt, experimenting with new recipes, all the effort that went into providing a meal for the man she loved. The food was inedible; Rylan teased how if they had a dog,Continue reading “Rylan: His Perfect Woman”

Rylan: Leaping in…

Rylan slicked his hair into place; his floppy brown locks had remained unruly. Failing in his pursuit to make it look respectable, he hoped his new style would impress. Emilie had messaged him regarding his dinner plans, a subtle hint that she had been thinking of him all day. His parent’s favourite restaurant seemed the most appropriate choice,Continue reading “Rylan: Leaping in…”

Ziva: Electric Blue

Work had been busy, Ziva and her colleague Ayaka struggled to find time for a coffee, piecing together the code for a security program; the deadline had encroached on their personal lives. As they finish the first system-level, Ayaka disappeared; her coffee from the morning sat cold on the desk, beneath it was a card.Continue reading “Ziva: Electric Blue”