Eliza: Sparky

Charlotte was going through a morning phase; she believed everyone should be awake at dawn. Running into Eliza’s room, she jumps on the bed, screaming how it was Saturday; they needed to go swimming, have a picnic, and Eliza had to bake her brownies. The excitement of the weekend replaced by Emilie, an exhausted smile,Continue reading “Eliza: Sparky”

Ziva: Fiona… and Sleep.

Fiona spent her initial stay protected, Jerome erected a wood divider, holes big enough for a nose to sniff at the curious cat. Toilet training could be problematic, Ziva had to wait, the cats occupied with food, hunting, or sleeping upstairs. The regular swapping of bedding stimulated strong opinions, Asher growled at the new scent,Continue reading “Ziva: Fiona… and Sleep.”

Ziva: And they call it…

Friendships are amazing, established bonds mean knowing what tickles them, perfect for the Humour and Hijinks contest. Ziva preferred to taste the food, all the flavours of the city tantalised her palate with each visit. At previous festivals she avoided telling jokes, instead handing over the microphone, a lack of confidence in her ability toContinue reading “Ziva: And they call it…”